Apple Releases New Earth Day Video Highlighting Its Recycling Program — 2022

It has been more than a month since Earth day , which was celebrated on the day April 30th . Still, that's no excuse for Apple not to continue promoting its concern for the environment.

Apple's Earth Day campaign in 2017

And it is that today, 35 days later, Apple has published a new video on its YouTube channel that would be added to those already presented on Earth Day. Let us remember that that day no more and no less than four videos were presented. These videos with the title of earth day 2017 they showed various facets of Apple to take care of the environment.

Do you want to see them? Here you have the four videos In addition, at the bottom of the article that we did at the time, you will also find a link where you can see the same videos in the language of Shakespeare.

Apple logo for Earth Day.

New video about LIAM and the recycling system

As we just said, today Apple has extended this campaign. He has expanded it with a new video on a topic that was strange that they had not touched in the previous videos: the recycling .

In this new video emphasis is placed on showing LIAM , a robot that takes care of disassemble iPhones used for extract him such precious materials. With this, Lisa Jackson and Sarah Chandler demonstrate once again the importance of recycling and the environment by Apple.

Apple's purposes to become an even greener company

Apple currently has several campaigns of environmental Protection , putting her in a very good position. On the topic of recycling recently discussed, Apple continues to invest more and more in machines like LIAM capable of automatically disassembling and removing recyclable materials from its devices. But as if that were not enough, the company from the big apple has set itself the goal of only use recycled materials . Will they get it?

But that's not all, but in addition to the issue of recycling, Apple does much more for look after as much as possible our beautiful planet .

Among all the measures implemented by the company highlights the fact that all its data centers are fed to 100% with renewable energy (solar, wind and hydro). apple too promote this idea among its suppliers, in addition to using mostly recycled and ecological paper, both for office tasks and for the boxes of its products.

Apple website on the environment.

What do you think? Do you think Apple is an ecologically responsible company? How many companies do you think there are like this?