Apple releases a new video for Earth Day — 2022

In case you didn't know, the Earth day It was more than 3 months ago April 22 ; Today, surprisingly, Apple has uploaded to its YouTube channel a video related to this day, in which the Cupertino company describes the plan they intend to develop in order to ensure that almost one million acres of forests are managed responsibly between now and 2020 .
In case you don't know what acres are, they are a unit of surface frequently used in the field of agriculture. Depending on the country and the time, this unit is equivalent to several surfaces, although it generally occupies a range of between 30 and 60 hectares.

Once again, Apple is in favor of the environment with this video focused on Earth Day

Earth Day is used by some organizations and companies that seek, in essence, make the population aware of the problems that our planet faces , such as pollution or biodiversity conservation. As expected, Apple also wants to participate in this initiative.

The announcement in question, which lasts about a minute, was shared, as I have already said, on the Apple's own YouTube channel ; later it was also shared on the social network Twitter, where the environmental director of the apple company, Lisa Jackson , tweeted it.

This video belongs to a campaign focused on earth day 2017 , a campaign that has other two clips Of video; one of them was shared by Apple at the end of April and the second at the end of May.

If we refer to first video that opened the doors of this campaign , we see how in this Apple presented a report in which it enumerated in a significant and positive way the actions that they had carried out in order to minimize the impact that production may cause of its products on our planet.

The green t-shirts worn by Apple employees on Earth Day last year (2016).

We all know that Apple is one of the companies, if not the most, that manufactures its products looking exhaustively at the impact that their manufacture has on the environment.
The social responsability of Apple we could say that it borders on excellence; is a company that everyone should look and take as an example , since the policy and the values ​​they convey are commendable.

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Source: MacRumors