Apple launches Schoolwork, the teacher support app — 2022

Last March, Apple summoned us all to an event in which the protagonist was education. From the Cupertino company they are committed to the future of students and want to provide the necessary tools to teachers so that can keep track of their students and give them content through the iPad. In this event they presented Schoolwork , an app that has seen the light today.

Apple continues to work on integrating the iPad in education with Schoolwork

Apple with the iPad wants students to learn using the applications that we find in the Store and that their progress can be followed by teachers through a new application that was presented in March and has been released today as it is Schoolwork that s e will perfectly complement Classroom.

Source: Apple

Schoolwork's mission is to help teachers take advantage of the full potential of an iPad with the aim of reinventing the way of transmitting knowledge. With this application you can send PDFs and documents to students, as well as app-specific activities.

As I said before, the teacher will be able to assign activities to students from third-party applications that are perfectly integrated, such as Tynker, GeoGebra y Kahoot! and all those applications that are compatible with ClassKit.

The iPad will become an information center with many statistics that will show the teacher the performance of the student and that of the class in general l as well as the progress of assigned activities. From Apple they have already made it quite clear in their press release that from the company are committed to the privacy and security of students, regulating the information that is shared.

As we said, Schoolwork works together with Classroom, so we are very satisfied that this series of applications continue to emerge, although it seems that the Spanish App Store is not yet available, although we do not know if you must be registered with Apple as a teacher.

And after doing this article, I remember that Apple promised that students would have 200 GB of free iCloud storage , something that has not arrived or at least has not arrived in Spain, so we think that it has been left quite up in the air.

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