Apple teams up with fashion brands to make a series of applications — 2022

Gucci and Saint Laurent will start collaborating with Apple for a new project, but this time it is about applications focused on employees and their different stores. This collaboration with IBM aims to improve the management of employees and internet sales along with a series of applications especially dedicated to it.

Although there is still not much information about it, everything indicates that it could be an adaptation of Apple's equipment and software towards an improvement in the management from different areas, for example inventories and specific applications for employees.

This is really nothing new, if we visit a Apple Store we can find Apple devices perfectly prepared to manage customer appointments or make payments with devices and applications adapted for it, just as you can findapps to read food labels with iPhoneor to move within a city.

Apple in the business world

iPad Viewing sir

A section perhaps somewhat unknown by Californians are the business solutions , some directly and others indirectly through third-party applications. Some of theseApplicationsthat are currently used in different professional branches are Cesio, Captio, Revo or DriCloud (among others).

Californian devices are used in the restoration , travel agencies or even clinics. It is true that they are difficult to see due to the high cost that this implies for a company, but it is something more common in establishments with a higher value.

Some strategies used by Steve Jobs to achieve his goals

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Some strategies used by Steve Jobs to achieve his goals Ricky Fernandez 26 November, 2018 • 18:11

The initiative to start working with a company-specific program led byTim Cookfor Gucci or Saint Laurent (among others) comes from the hand of the group Dry of which they intend to have their own sales and employee management system. These solutions could arrive in the year 2020.

According to Apple Insider, Apple has not wanted to confirm or deny this information , something that has become common and should not surprise us thanks to the great secrecy of the company and its own employees.