Apple is working on a non-invasive diagnostic test on the Apple Watch that measures blood glucose — 2022

Apple continues to care about the health of its users and that is why they are investigating how to make the correct measurements for all those who suffer from diabetes.

Apple and health

Apple is very involved in health issues through the app that bears the same name. Since the Apple Watch was launched, we can perfectly control various aspects of our health on a daily basis, such as our heart rate, our sleep, the number of calories burned, activity...

The measurement of these aspects is great, and there are really certain accessories to make more precise measurements. T We have everything from scales, through thermometers, to tensiometers . But there is an aspect which Apple has not yet put a solution, and it is diabetes.

A few weeks ago we told you in this article the first advances of Apple in this field, but now part that there are already things a little more localized.

The measurement of diabetes closer and closer

The measurement of diabetes can only be done through a blood sample

From BGR, and through 9to5mac , we have been able to see a report which has quite interesting data about the progress of the company in terms of the field of control and measurement of diabetes. This is great news for all those users who have this disease, since its measurement could be much more comfortable.

According to our source, Apple is now focusing on diabetes, with the company planning to introduce a game-changing glucose monitoring feature in an upcoming Apple Watch. Our source indicates that Apple has hired 200 doctors in the last year as part of the company for improvement and innovation in the Apple Watch health space.

Having seen these statements from the BGR source, it is not very clear to us how they will be able to achieve it, but there is talk of a series of smart straps that will make such measurements , which would not make the future watch more expensive than the current price.

This problem is of great concern to the people of Cupertino, since in the United States alone, the rate of diabetes affects more than 30 million people according to the American Diabetes Association. Currently, this measurement can only be carried out using a blood sample obtained by pricking the finger.

We don't know how they will do it through a strap, but it is speculated that they could do it with light through the skin, just as the Apple watch measures heart rate.

We hope to see this new functionality in the next apple watch so that people with this disease can lead a more comfortable life.