Apple is testing up to two folding iPhones, will it launch them on the market? — 2022

At the expense of checking if folding screen phones are a trend or a future technology, Apple could have decided to dive into the development of this type of device. As reported by a well-known Asian medium with sources close to the company, those from Cupertino would be testing up to two iPhone prototypes whose screens would incorporate this flexible technology, which is not a guarantee that they will be launched soon, but it would be an indication that they could surprise at some point with new devices. We break it all down in this article.

How are those folding iPhones?

It has been the Economic Daily News that has leaked this information and although 100% reliability cannot be given as it would be an official data from Apple itself, the truth is that this medium has provided juicy information in recent years about the advances of the company that we have finally ended up seeing. The first of the folding iPhones to which he refers would have a dual screen separated by a hinge .

If we go back to the summer months of last year, analyst Jon Prosser already spoke about this alleged iPhone, stating that the separation of the hinge between the two panels of the device was barely noticeable, thereby giving a sense of continuity. No images have emerged, but from what is described we could imagine it as a phone similar to the Huawei Mate XS.

Huawei Mate XS

The second folding iPhone would be very similar to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip , since for this a shell format is described that for visual purposes would look like a normal iPhone, but with a fold in the central part that would reduce its size by half. Beyond this, little is known. It has not even been possible to know exactly if both phones share the same style of hinges or if different technologies are being tested to see which is the most suitable.

It does not seem that they will be imminent

Many of the rumors have always pointed to the fact that Apple was more willing to offer an iPad of this style than a phone, although in view of this possible leak we verified that they also have phones in mind. But luckily or unfortunately, it seems that 2021 will not be the year in which we see a folding iPhone.

Considering theiPhone introduction datewhich usually has Apple located in September or October at the latest, the company would have to rush a lot in the development of the device so that it could enter production on time. Taking into account how close these deadlines usually are, it would no longer give time to finalize a technology that according to reports is in the middle of a testing period.

Foldable iPhone render

In fact, there are UDN reports cited by MacRumors stating that at least up to late 2022 or 2023 Apple would not release such a device. Therefore, the wait for fans of this technology will be long, taking into account that its development will finally prosper.