Apple forced to pay $145 million to WiLAN for infringing two of its patents — 2022

Apple is used to moving through the courts, filing numerous lawsuits related to patent infringement, an example being the legal battle between Qualcomm and the Cupertino company. But this time one of these demands has gone quite badly for Apple since a federal court forces WiLAN to pay 141.1 million dollars for violating two patents it owns.

Apple sentenced for infringing two WiLAN patents

Apple has been specifically convicted of violating two patents related to wireless communication technology as reported by WiLAN itself in a statement that the Reuters medium has collected. The first of these patents would be related to the request for bandwidth and the second would be focused on the admission control of adaptive calls for use in a wireless communication system. Both technologies would be i integrated into the iPhone, after plagiarizing the Cupertino company these ideas to WiLAN.

Apple tests 5G technology

This is not the first time that Apple has had legal disputes with WiLAN that faces began to be seen in 2010 with the first request. On that occasion, Apple was accused of infringing a patent related to Bluetooth technology.

WiLAN stands out in the world of technology for the number of lawsuits that have been filed against numerous brands like Alcatel, Dell, HP, HTC… It is clear that the business of developing wireless technologies does not make as much money as patent infringement lawsuits, so they recently changed their business vision. Despite the fact that the courts most of the time do not agree with him, this time Apple has lost and will have to pay a millionaire amount of money in the coming weeks.

, It does not affect your accounts too much, but it certainly does not please anyone to be convicted of patent infringement.

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