Apple spends more and more money on Research and Development — 2022

The results of the second fiscal quarter of Apple has left us very interesting data. One of the most notorious is the important investment made by the Cupertino company in R&D, investing a total of 3.4 million dollars throughout the quarter, an increase of $602 million from the previous quarter. With this movement it is noted that Apple is committed to having innovative products and that interesting news will soon arrive at the Store.

Apple bets on innovation with more money

Although we are aware of the investment of this amount of money, we do not know where it has been allocated and in what items, keeping it totally secret. It only specifies that they are intended for the continuous development of new and updated products and services as well as expenses on materials for R&D.

Although such a significant increase in the amount allocated to innovation and development makes us think that Cupertino is working hard on something that goes beyond maintaining the product.

One of the great bets to be developed is undoubtedly the Augmented reality, a technology that is still quite green and has a long way to go. The CEO of the company himself stated that AR is the future of technology and we believe that he is right.

Together with augmented reality we cannot stop thinking about the glasses that are developing as we discussed a few weeks ago and are registered under the name T288, that would incorporate two 8K displays with a separate compute unit and integrated advanced communication technologies.

Another of the great plans that they have on the table is develop autonomous driving software to sell it to the commercial vehicle houses so that they can integrate it, leaving the production of its autonomous car cousin parked until a few years have passed.

We are glad to know that from Cupertino they are focusing on the innovation of new technologies , and we hope to see new and innovative products in the Apple Store soon.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about Apple continuing to invest in development and what you think the future will bring us.