Apple has now officially released iOS 13.1 for all users — 2022

It hasn't even been a week sinceiOS 13 release for all users, but we already have version 13.1 with us. The truth is that this version has not caught us by surprise either, and since August we have been receiving betas of this version despite the fact that its predecessor had not even been released. In this update we have tried to fix certain bugs and add some performance improvements. Below we tell you all the details.

What's new in iOS 13.1

If you have an iPhone 6s or later, including the iPhone SE, you can update your device to iOS 13.1 now. You can do this from Settings>General>Software update regardless of whether you got to install iOS 13 last Thursday or not.

install ios 13.1

This update is focused on solvingcertain problems detected in the last versionand that they worsened the experience of the new operating system. It was also especially noteworthy for those who purchased one of the new iPhone 11 these days, since these devices came with some small bug also caused by the software version of iOS 13 that they incorporate from the factory.

The list of news, as detailed by Apple in its official note, are as follows:

  • AirDrop adds the ability to send files from one iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max to another just by pointing at it.
  • The automations of Shortcuts for daily, personal and home routines are back after being removed from the final version of iOS 13.
  • Share ETA is a feature that was also removed from the iOS 13 version and is now back. This is a function that allows sharing in Apple Maps the estimated time of arrival at a place with your contacts.
  • The optimized battery charging It has been incorporated in order to take care of its health.
  • When Battery Health cannot verify if a battery is genuine, a notification will appear on iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. The same will happen with the screens of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.
  • The volume indicator It has been updated and now if you have headphones like AirPods connected you will be able to see its symbol in the bar.
  • The audio sharing has been improved, being able to have a better experience listening to the sound of the same device at the same time through AirPods and PowerBeats Pro.
  • Some of the HomeKit icons have been redesigned with the aim that they have new details that are more realistic.
  • New reading targets for PDF are added.
  • The configuration page for installed fonts has been updated.
  • at the time of share mobile data via Personal Hotspot we find that a new page has been added.
  • Have been added security improvements to address possible vulnerabilities that were present in iOS 13.
  • The performance and stability of this version is better and many problems have been corrected in apps such as Messages, Reminders, iCloud and even in compatibility with some third-party apps.

Without a doubt, we expect a lot from this version, since this way we can enjoy a better experience with the new operating system. Many users had already reported a list of detected bugs that was not normal for what a stable version like iOS 13 was supposed to do. However, we will be attentive to any incident that may occur with this version to tell about it here.

And you, have you already installed iOS 13.1? Have you noticed any improvement in your device? You can tell us your impressions in the comment box.