This is how Apple fought the COVID-19 crisis during the past quarter — 2022

The coronavirus pandemic is not only leaving a bleak picture at all levels of our society, including at the business level. Apple as a multinational company has also suffered a certain slowdown during the last quarter, which they call Q2 2020 despite the fact that it is technically Q1 2020. Below we analyze the results.

Apple surprises with revenue growth

Despite the fact that the health crisis did not begin to be noticed in the West until the beginning of March, the Cupertino company began to notice the recession in China since January. The Asian country is one of the great bastions of technology companies and therefore a reduction in income in that country can severely affect it, although the truth is that the company knew how to withstand the downpour well, despite noticing a decline.

Q2 2020 (in billions of dollars)Q2 2019 (in billions of dollars)
Wearables, Home and Accessories6,2845,129
Total sales58,31358,015

As reported at the end of last week by the company itself, it has recorded revenues of $58.3 billion during the months of January, February and March of this year. This is in relation to products and services, which also supposes a 1% increase if we compare it with the same period of the previous year. It is true that last year the company began to recover its income after a downturn at the end of 2018, but in the face of this health alarm situation, the positive aspect of growing its income must be highlighted.

Although in the field of iPhone The company has had good figures thanks to its iPhone 11 and the reduction in the price of the XR, the truth is that here it has noticed a slight decrease in sales. China probably played an important role in this regard. Also they Mac and iPad have seen a reduction in their income, against wearables and accessories, including the Apple Watch, HomePod, AirPods and others. The latter increased their revenue from 5,129 million dollars to 6,284, which could have some consistency seeing that the AirPods Pro are being highly valued by users.

In services The company goes from entering 11,450 million dollars to 13,348 million dollars, a considerable increase that has its reason for being in new platforms such as Apple Arcade and Apple TV + or in the already classic services offered by iCloud. In this field the company has placed high hopes and although the estimate could be higher, the truth is that it is still a good result considering the current situation.

Apple increased its revenue in Europe

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If we compare the results by continent with the same quarter of 2019, we see how the company has bled, especially in China. The situation last year was convulsive in this country for those from Cupertino, but they began to experience some growth due to the price reduction in some devices. However, this country was the origin of COVID-19, so during the first three months of 2020 it has suffered a major recession that has ended up affecting the company.

Q2 2020 (in billions of dollars)Q2 2019 (in billions of dollars)
Rest of Asia Pacific3,8653,615

Also in America and other Asian countries the company experienced a recess. The good work of the company in Europe , where normally their competitors are above. We currently do not know data from so many other companies, but the truth is that Apple managed to grow from entering 13,054 million dollars last year to entering 14,294 million dollars this 2020. The good prices of the iPhone 11 could be good culprits for this.

Managers remain optimistic

Being optimistic in these times at the business level is at least ostentatious, but the truth is that this is how the leaders of the firm led by Tim Cook have shown themselves. It is true that expectations were very high, but so is the fact that the health crisis has been unpredictable and the experts did not count on it a few months ago. Therefore it is logical that in the Apple Park they are happy with these results.

Apple employees are working from home as a precautionary measure against possible coronavirus infections, which does not mean that the company's level of demand is lowering. In fact, Californians are expected to soon announce new devices to launch on the market, some of them highly anticipated, such as the renewal of the smaller MacBook Pro or the iMac range.

iPhone SE 2020 white

The iPhone SE 2020 It is also assumed as an important element in the face of these complicated months ahead in terms of income. This team had been planning for a long time, offering a high-performance terminal at a low price and the truth is that the move has worked out for Apple in terms of time. The purchasing power of many people will be reduced and what in many cases would go from buying a high-end iPhone to not buying anything, this time could result in the acquisition of the company's 'cheap' mobile.

We will have to wait a few months to find out how the situation progresses and what economic performance Apple has managed to obtain from its products and services. Declines are expected in a large part of the territory where it is present, but the good work of the company in its commercial strategies will tell what percentage this translates into.

You can learn more about Apple's results in Q2 2020 at report issued by the company itself.