Apple will fix iPhone XS camera skin smoothing issue in iOS 12.1 — 2022

If you remember a few days ago we talked about a problem that users began to report in relation to the camera of the iPhone XS and XS Max that was baptized as BeautyGate . And it is that this problem makes that in the photographs that we take we go out younger , something that many users have not liked at all and that will end up being solved in iOS 12.1 that yesterday saw its fifth beta for developers.

Apple will fix the BeautyGate with iOS 12.1

When we now take a selfie with the iPhone XS and XS Max camera an effect is applied by default that makes us much more handsome as softens the skin and makes imperfections disappear such as moles or wrinkles, so the result does not match reality, something as we say has not been liked by the vast majority of Apple customers.

There are already several media that have seen how in iOS 12.1 the HDR mode algorithm is adjusted to prevent this beauty filter from being applied by default. From Apple they have not made any mention of this BeautyGate, although it is clear that they are aware of this problem as they are silently solving it.

Experts suggest that this beauty effect occurs because theiPhone camera settingSmart HDR does not take as many details from our face when we take a selfie and that is why the application of a beauty effect like the ones on Instagram is appreciated. The solution will be to make Smart HDR mode able to capture more details by fine-tuning much more at the software level. We will appreciate these improvements in future updates when the appropriate adjustments are made to the iOS code.

To all of you who ask us, iOS 12.1 will surely see the light in a couple of weeks with the launch of the new iPad Pro that will be presented on October 30 with a lot of security.