Apple will end up rewarding the winners of the 'Shot on iPhone' contest — 2022

Apple released earlier this week an interestingcontestcalled 'Shot on iPhone'. With this contest they tried to encourage users to take pictures with their iPhone and send them to Apple. From among all these photographs, the company would choose a total of 10 that would become part of an advertising campaign, but… What did the contestants win? At first nothing, but after the controversy that arose around this issue, in the end Apple has backed down and will reward users who are the winners of this contest.

For Apple, the mere fact that they select a user's photograph and appear in an advertising campaign with their name it was already a good prize . But obviously it is not enough for users to have this 'honor', but they have also claimed some kind of cash prize, how could it be otherwise.

Apple will reward the winners of the 'Shot on iPhone' contest

After the enormous controversy generated, Apple has decided to back down and pay the winners of this contest. This announcement has been made discreetly on the contest's official website itself, explicitly mentioning that it will compensate the artists for their work.

Specifically, the paragraph dealing with this aspect says the following:

Apple firmly believes that artists should be compensated for their work. Photographers who take the 10 winning photos will receive a license fee for the use of those photos in billboards and other Apple marketing channels.

The amount that the winners will receive is not made clear, but if a license fee has been obtained for the commercial use of said images. Here the problem that many artists suffer every day is made clear, since companies sometimes believe that the honor of appearing in an advertising campaign is enough as payment for your work, but without a doubt artists must eat daily, a bad habit they have...

We see this movement by Apple as positive, and of course if you want to participate in this contest organized by the Cupertino company, remember that you have until February 7 to do so. To participate you simply have to upload photos taken with your iPhone to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ShotoniPhone or send them to the email

Have you already submitted any photos to this contest? Do you think they will appear in Apple's ad campaign? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.