Apple executive declares that Beats 1 is the largest radio station in the world — 2022

Jimmy Iovine, Robert Kondrk and Zane Lowe, Apple executives held an interview with The Verge talking about the success of Drake's latest album and Apple Music radio: Beats 1.

Drake's success on Apple Music and Beats 1

Last week, we already talked in this Article about the massive streaming success of Drake's latest album. In its first week Drake's 'More Life' was streamed 300 million times. Besides, Apple attributes this huge Drake success to Beats 1.

Apple Music executives also commented that the Drake's success on Beats 1 . The program in which 'More Life' was presented was the radio station's most listened program so far .

Some consider Beats 1 as the replacement for SoundCloud

Apple VP of Applications Robert Kondrk and Chief Content Officer Larry Jackson commented that Beats 1 has basically replaced SoundCloud for Drake. Before, the rapper was releasing singles through the SoundCloud platform, but now he has already done so directly debuting the album on Apple Music radio's 'OVO Sound Radio' show .

They comment that for Drake, leaning on Apple Music was a test of faith. They weren't a big hit, they didn't have an audience, but Apple has worked so that Beats 1 was what Drake needed .

Apple Music has become useful as they open up to the needs of artists like Drake to show their distinction. They always seek to do things in different ways, especially teaming up with artists like Drake. . Jimmy Iovine commented that a lot of people thought they were crazy to ally themselves with Drake. What no one expected is what things would look like now, two years later. They are very happy with the success they have had with Drake and hope to continue doing the same with other artists.

Likewise, Larry Jackson assured that Beats 1 is 'the biggest radio station in the world' . Many have questioned how successful the non-stop radio that is Beats 1 could be, as well as being a streaming platform. Still, we must consider the fact that Apple still does not want to give data about the number of listeners it has .

And you, what do you think of the success of Apple Music with Drake? Are you a user of Apple Music and Beats 1? Leave us your opinion in comments.

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