Apple exec Chris Smith leaves the company โ€” 2022

The head of Apple's diversity and inclusion department, Christie Smith, will leave theApple Parkin the next few days according to a report released by Bloomberg today. Smith, unlike her predecessor (who reported directly to Tim Cook), reported directly to Apple's senior vice president of retail, Deirdre O'Brien. Her departure was planned two months ago, according to the company itself, although Bloomberg sources say that Tuesday was her last day of work. Smith's LinkedIn account has since been updated confirming this change, though Apple has yet to name a successor.

In a statement released by Apple, Inclusion and diversity are core values โ€‹โ€‹of Apple and we deeply believe that the most diverse teams are the most innovative. In turn, confirmed the news claiming that Christie Smith will leave Apple to spend more time with her family and we wish her the best. Our inclusion and diversity team continues to communicate directly with Deirdre O'Brien on the executive team.

His time at Apple

Christie Smith joined Apple in 2017 following the departure of Denise Young Smith. The latter, she said goodbye to the company after 6 months marked by her controversial comments about the excessive white makeup on Apple's executive team.

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Apple Park Headquarters

Smith, on the other hand, brought great solvency to the Silicon Valley company thanks to his enormous experience after 28 years building and leading high-performance teams. Previously, the former director of diversity and inclusion at Apple was side by side with Deloitte for 17 years as a client advisory director.

A surprise resignation

The move has caught everyone by surprise. This is due in part because it's only been a week since Apple CEO Tim Cook announced Apple's new $100 million Racial Equity and Justice initiative. The initiative, promoted by the department Smith led, will build on Apple's existing work in the racial justice space. This significantly expands the scope and impact that it has through a model that Apple previously used for its efforts to help the environment.

This resignation is also surprising, due to the closeness that occurs with respect to the next WWDC 2020. A world event that is more than known by all and that assumes all eyes of the world on Apple and its news. That is why this resignation is not exempt from controversy.

A commitment to inclusion

Apple, for its part, maintains its inclusion and diversity website where it shares regular updates on the company's efforts to diversify its workforce. In addition, other of his attempts, to promote pay equity among all as well as work with communities that are underserved in order to empower students and educators. This is a commitment that Apple has been acquiring with society, as it does in many other areas in order to increase its social mission as a company.