Apple employees are no longer so satisfied with the management of Tim Cook — 2022

Tim Cook has been receiving poor grades from his employees for a few years, those who support his company and those who face the public who are not very satisfied with the work environment for which he is responsible. We can see this information in a ranking that Glassdor collects where shows a list of CEOs of large companies ranked from 1 to 100 based on the comments of their employees. And Apple employees have also been surveyed a new year.

Apple employees are dissatisfied with their work environment

In the ranking that has been published today we can see how Tim Cook It has dropped 43 positions, currently holding position number 96 in the ranking. If it continues like this, next year it will disappear from this list that shows information as important as the vision that employees have of their CEO.

Last year we also saw how Tim Cook sank from 8th to 53rd , but this year the fall has been much more pronounced.

In order to make this ranking, Glassdor asks the employees of the different companies whether or not they approve of their CEO, and also asks them to give an assessment of their experience when working in that company. Obviously Apple employees have been surveyed and the result has not been very good as we have seen before.

Although it can be said that 91% accept Tim Cook As a leader, it seems that the work environment, directed by the businessman, is not the most suitable according to his employees and that is why the CEO of Apple has sunk in this ranking.

as collected Business Insider The reasons for the employees to be dissatisfied in the companies are the following:

  • The secrecy that they must keep in the office.
  • high stress
  • Strict chain of command.

But not everything is negative since the employees affirm that in their work environment they have good benefits, they meet great people and of course they have many fun areas like the ones we saw at Apple Park They even have areas to play tennis.