Apple discounts for being a student? so you can get them — 2022

Many students are looking to buy a new computer for college at a good price. This is why Apple offers a series of products at a fairly low price and in this article we tell you how you can get the Apple discount for being a student in the online store.

On the company's website we find a section that is dedicated to this part of the users so that they can see the discounts on different products. But we must bear in mind that the web must verify if we are really students or not . In this article we tell you the steps to access this type of discount.

Apple products that enjoy the student discount

If we shop at the Apple Store for Education, we can save up to €104 buying an iPad or up to €329 if we buy a Mac . In addition, we will also have a special discount on selected software such as Final Cut or on the purchase of different accessories such as the Apple Pencil.

The Macs to which a discount of up to €329 can be applied are the following:

  • MacBook Air.
  • MacBook Pro.
  • iMac.
  • iMac Pro.

Regarding the iPad, the models to which this discount of up to €114 applies are the following:

  • iPad Pro.
  • iPad Air.
  • iPad.
  • iPad mini.

In addition to these products, we also find discounts on different applications such as Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4... It should also be noted that apart from this software, you can also see an interesting discount on other services. An example of this may be the Apple Music subscription itself, which as a student enjoys a 50% discount.

How to apply the discount in the Apple Store Online

In order to confirm that we are students we must have a UNiDAYS account. We must follow the following steps to apply the discount:

  1. We open the section on the Apple website ' Shopping at the university at the bottom of the page, or by accessing directly to this link .
  2. We will click 'First steps'.
  3. We will access the UNiDAYS login platform. We can log in with our account or create a new one. When you log in, the different discounted prices in the corresponding product categories will already be enabled.


It is important to note that when we create a UNiDAYS user account we will be redirected to our university's login platform. Here we must enter our institutional data and our student status will be activated. Without this university student account (being a university professor is also allowed), we will not be able to access this type of discount. The alternatives that we can find to skip this step go against current legislation.

Without a doubt, if you are thinking of getting a new computer to study, you should take into account this type of discount to save some money. In addition UNiDAYS is not only designed to have discounts in the App Store but also we may have other types of offers on its official website for the mere fact of studying at a university.

And you, have you already done with any of these discounts? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.