Apple defends itself in the Canadian parliament on the slowdown of the iPhone — 2022

Yesterday, Apple had to give explanations about the iPhone slowdown and defend that it did not apply planned obsolescence.

We already addressed this issue at Apple5x1 and of which you are all surely aware of it. Faced with all the demands imposed on Apple, now it's time to show that they didn't do it to force users to switch iPhone .

Apple's defense explains that they slowed down the terminals to avoid unexpected closures and or restarts, (but without users knowing ). A fact that later took its toll on them, having to apologize publicly.

Canada wants to know what happened to the iPhone

Despite all the explanations that Apple can give to convince us of his innocence, the truth is that did not act well . Many users did what seemed like an open secret, changing their terminal when a new model was launched because theirs no longer performed at an optimal level.

Apple has been applying this slowdown since 2016, where solved one problem while creating another . At no time did Apple explain that it would lower the performance of terminals that had a degraded battery, nor in any informative note in its iOS updates that they recommend doing as soon as possible.

When all the fuss came out, Apple was quick to post various informative notes , both apologies and information on the behavior of the batteries that incorporate their terminals. In addition to a one-year limited sale where customers could change the battery of their equipment for a price of 29 euros .

In addition to Canada , other countries have joined these demands, such as France or Spain , where in the last case, a platform of those affected has been created to carry out a class action lawsuit .

In the case of France , have acted ex officio, since the practice of program obsolescence is highly persecuted. Investigations are currently ongoing to determine whether Apple actually applied this slowdown to force clients to switch terminals.

What do you think of Apple's performance? Do you think they really applied a planned obsolescence in the iPhone?