Apple continues the iPad Pro campaign with these new announcements — 2022

The campaign that Apple has designed to advertise the new iPad Pro is still running. New announcements have come to light, following in the wake of previous ones related to user messages on Twitter.

Three new announcements about the advantages of the iPad Pro

We have found these ads on different social networks (they are also translated into Spanish). In fact they have the perfect duration of 15 seconds to make viewing easier , in addition to being able to share easily.

The motto under which they are submitted is 'real problems... answers'. In each of these advertisements, users complain about problems such as battery, poor mobility or weight of laptops and Apple responds with the advantages that the new Pro device brings in this field (in any of its sizes).

In the first of the videos we can see some airplane seats and a girl who complains that she has run out of battery, and many hours of flight without entertainment await her. Apple responds by commenting on the long battery life of the iPad Pro , which is one of theFeatures that the 2021 iPad Pro shares with the 2018 iPad Pro.

In the next one, we can see a girl complaining about the heavy weight of her laptop. Apple responds with the lightness of its iPad Pro and tells him that it also has support for Office.

Finally, in the last ad we can see a girl in a shared residence room. Next to her is a couple that does not allow her to concentrate on her work and studies, apart from the fact that she cannot leave due to the limitation of her computer. In this case, Apple answers you with the mobility the device gives you along with the ease of having your texts and notes on iPad Pro.

And you, have you already seen these new ads? What do you think of this Apple campaign? We look forward to your feedback!

Via 9to5Mac