Apple Clips adds an exclusive feature for the iPhone X — 2022

The Apple application that came to deal with Snapchat or Instagram, is updated to take advantage of the new TrueDepth camera iPhone X with a 360 degree Selfie mode.

It also includes new Apple stickers, Star Wars and of Disney that we can add to our Clips with a quite striking result.

All this with a completely redesigned interface , where we will have new filters, a new shooting mode or new labeling buttons among many other improvements.

Clips takes advantage of the benefits of the iPhone X

Thanks to the TrueDepth camera , Clips is capable of 360-degree selfie scenes. Of course, the other novelties are valid with the other iPhones compatible with this application.

Another interesting fact about Clips is that it adapts to the new super retina display . Another plus point to use the new features in Apple's new flagship.

We now have the choice between 21 audio tracks , new filters, stickers of Darth Vader, RD-D2, Disney characters or create outgoing titles with the 20 new animated posters.

The results are spectacular, as we can see in the video that they offer us from the App Store. Clips videos can be to share in any social network or instant messaging application.

Clips will save all our creations in iCloud , so we will always have our creations available from any iOS device or make any type of modification on them.

The app is completely free and there are no integrated purchases like in other applications, so we can take advantage of all the resources they offer us without spending a single penny.

So if you have the new Apple iPhone X , you can take advantage of exclusive 360 ​​degree selfie mode thanks to the TrueDepth camera, in addition to the other interesting news.

Download the Clips app for free

What do you think about the new features of this application? Do you usually use it?