Apple Card, solve all your doubts about the Apple credit card here — 2022

apple made in the march event his debut in the field of services. Among the various novelties presented, the arrival of a new credit card which will also be available virtually and which they have called Apple Card . In the presentation post of this product we told you about its characteristics, but now we want to make an exhaustive analysis of what the functionalities of this card are and how it differs from other traditional cards.

Apple Card, the big surprise of the Apple event

It has been rumored for weeks with the possibility that Apple could launch its own credit card. Perhaps many found it shocking but the sources seemed reliable. However, what few imagined is that this card would be presented at the event held on March 25, as it finally happened under the premise of making the user enjoy a healthy financial life .

Apple Card -

As soon as we see the new Apple Card we see that the Cupertino company has wanted to leave its stamp even in the design. This card has a very minimalist design built in titanium, with a white in which the mythical apple logo stands out accompanying the card chip and the data related to the cardholder without including the card number, something that we will talk about in the security section.

First of all, it must be said that this card will be issued by MasterCard and has been made by Apple in collaboration with the bank Goldman Sachs . In principle, the card will be operative in USA this summer though it may end up reaching other countries in future months as happened with Apple Pay.


The use of Apple Card in its strictest sense is identical to that of any other card. That is, you can have a physical card with which to make purchases in public establishments , either through contactless or by inserting the card into a dataphone. This card will be designed for those establishments that do not have payment terminals compatible with Apple Pay, although Apple wants us to use the virtual card in most cases.

Apple Card

Also, and as expected, payments can be made through Apple Pay with this card, whose creation has been intended to be used virtually. The operation of this payment method is simple, secure and requires the same steps as with any credit card that has been entered in the application Wallet . Once this is done, you will only need Touch ID The Face ID of the iPhone when the payment is to be made. He too Apple Watch is integrated with this functionality.

Transferring money to your contacts with this card is also possible thanks to the fact that it will be integrated with Apple Pay Cash . This is done through iMessage as if it were a current payment made by Apple Pay. However, it should be noted that this service is not yet enabled in all countries, despite the fact that the function does appear in the Messages app.

Spectacular interface in the iOS app

There is one aspect that Apple seems to have worked on a lot and it is the interface with which we will move in the application of this card. Like all native apps, the company has tried to create a simple and intuitive interface but that in turn has all the information that the user needs.

Apple Card

In the application you will be able to know all the information that is related to the operations that are carried out with the Apple Card. For example, it will be possible to see graphically how much has been spent in the last 7 days and expand the information by accessing the corresponding section with the name of the establishment or the location on Maps in our hands.

Another of the star sections of thisexpense management app on iPhonethanks to a functionality that allows not to spend more than a certain limit that is established . Although this can be modified whenever desired. In addition, you will be informed if you are close to exceeding the daily, weekly or monthly limit in terms of expenses.

Apple Card

The fact that bill payments and other receipts can be managed is also an attraction of the application. This is because it will go notifying when certain payments have to be made with sufficient time in advance being able to choose between pay now or defer it when the date arrives. It will undoubtedly be a great finance application with which to have the total power over your money .

In addition, we will have an Apple advisor at all times so that we can make different queries in relation to our card or also carry out various routine operations such as changing address. We will simply communicate with him through iMessage asking him what we want to do.

With Apple Card you will save and even earn money

Where we find the biggest difference between the Apple Card and the cards offered by other entities is in terms of interest and commissions. To begin with, it should be noted that Apple has stated that will not charge any type of commission when carrying out operations for which, generally, they are usually charged with other cards. This is the case, for example, of the international transfers or payments abroad .

Although there will be no type of maintenance fee and there will be no minimum operations per month, we are obviously talking about a credit card. The interest of our line of credit will vary between 13.24 and 24.4%. If we are late for a month, it is a good thing that a penalty will not be applied as such, although interest will accumulate.

The funcionality Daily Cash It will also be present on the Apple Card. With it, it will be achieved that, by carrying out a certain number of operations per day, it will be possible to reach reinstate a percentage of what has been spent . We do not know if this will be done instantly, monthly or in what way, but it is certainly an important attraction. It also highlights that this functionality will not have a daily limit.

In this video that Apple has published on its YouTube channel, details are given about this new Apple Card.

Also from Apple too will refund up to 3% of the amount of certain operations with the virtual card. Specifically, we will receive 3% if we make any purchase at Apple such as products or services and 2% for the rest of the purchases made through Apple Pay in any establishment without any limit. If the payment operation is carried out with the physical card, the refund will be only 1%. This is where we say that the claim is to always use the virtual card.

security and privacy

Apple is always proud to carry the security and privacy of its products and services as a flag . In the case of a credit card it was not going to be less and for this reason they wanted to highlight several aspects to take into account when feel secure with Apple Card .

Apple Card

The physical Apple Card You will not have a card number or CVV security code that usually appears on the back of the cards and It will not have an expiration date either. This will make payments made with the physical card safe and in case of theft it will prevent it from being used before we cancel it. It also dispenses with the signature and the introduction of pin , replaced by Touch ID and Face ID.

As an aspect to be highlighted in terms of security, there is also the fact that the servers will not store information on transactions made with Apple Card . In this way, it is ensured that only the cardholder is the one who has the information related to their operations.

Without a doubt, we are facing a product that, despite the fact that, as we say, it will not yet leave the United States, is predisposed to be a good alternative to cards issued by traditional entities . We will have to see if Apple shows new information about this new service.

What do you think of this new credit card created by Apple? Will you buy it when it arrives in your country? Tell us about it in the comments.