Apple car made in the USA, will it be cheaper? — 2022

The arrival of the Apple Car is getting closer. The rapprochement between Apple and Hyundai has opened the door to this fact that we practically gave as buried. Little by little, more and more details are becoming known about where these new vehicles will end up being manufactured, which opens a new debate about their price. We tell you all the details below.

An Apple Car made in the United States, what does it imply?

As reported by the media iMore , Hyundai would be thinking of transfer production of the new Apple Car to its subsidiary Kia. This undoubtedly has many implications that will fully affect users since if this transfer is finally made, the new car from the Cupertino company it will end up being made in America. Specifically, the 'birth' of the Apple Car would take place in Georgia, where the Kia factories are located.

Although a priori the place where the vehicle is assembled may seem insignificant, the reality is that it will have a great implication in the price for the user. This is a debate that has been going on for many years with other technological products such as the iPhone or the Mac. Right now these devices are not assembled in the United States, but rather in Asia for reasons of cost savings . Everyone knows that working conditions in countries like China are not the best. The average salary in this country is quite low compared to other countries such as the United States. This means that companies, like Apple, can save a lot of money in the assembly process to offer their equipment at a much more attractive price.

Apple Car

With this premise, we can take into account that if the new Apple cars are finally manufactured in Georgia, the wages of the workers will be quite high in comparison. In the end, those who will pay for these repercussions could be the buyers themselves. But the truth is that when talking about a vehicle assembly line, many more factors interfere. For example, him transportation of the final product from Asia to the rest of the continents can be really expensive because transporting a car is not the same as transporting an iPhone. This would be one of the factors among others that would not make it attractive to have manufacturing in Asia.

We have many examples of automotive companies that have their factories in countries outside of Asia. For example, Tesla has all its manufacturing located in the US and this has not prevented them from offering increasingly competitive prices over time. The first Tesla vehicles were undoubtedly expensive, but as chain production began to take place. The costs of the different components have been reduced as well as the time that has to be invested in each of the vehicles. If we go to our own country, Spain, we can have examples such as the manufacture of SEAT vehicles.

That is why the fact that the production of these new Apple cars is located in the United States will not mean an abusive increase in long-term costs. Obviously this is just conjecture since the agreement has not yet been fully closed and the final location is not known. At the moment the rumors suggest that the Apple Car will end up becoming a reality in 2024 and until then there will be many ends that must be tied.