Apple cancels a series of its platform. The motives — 2022

Earlier this year it was rumored that Apple was preparing a new series on Gawker Media. But now it has been known that Tim Cook did not like the idea and ended up canceling the project himself. In this article we tell you the reasons why the CEO of Apple does not want to have a relationship with Gawker Media.

Apple avoids resurrecting the spirit of 'Gawker Media'

For those who are not aware of the controversy, going back many years, Gawker Media was a network of aggressive blogs that has a significant criminal history behind them with numerous lawsuits until they finally had to close in 2016. That is why two former participants of this project they proposed to create a new program called 'Scraper' recounting all this shady past. Specifically, the ideal came from Cord Jefferson and Max Read. At first, those responsible for Apple TV + seemed like a very good idea, and that is why they began to write the script by completing several episodes.

gawker media

The problem came when Tim Cook became aware of these plans and showed his disagreement through a series of emails to Apple executives. This information that has been disseminated through The New York Times has specified that according to close sources, Tim Cook was surprised that a production of Gawker was going to be made. He in particular was dissatisfied because this means of communication had humiliated the company on several occasions. In addition, they also showed the personal lives of numerous minors as well as promoted the figures of people related to sexual abuse. As a consequence, the promoter of this project has ended up without a job.

The red lines of Apple TV +

In relation to this information, it can be clearly seen how the veto that the CEO of Apple has obviously acted. He has not seen favorably, as is logical, that the story of a company that has had very bad relations with Apple is being disseminated. We must take into account that this is one of the media that had access to a prototype of the iPhone 4 that was left by an Apple employee in a bar. This reveals one of the red lines that Apple has to produce its own content on its platform. Without a doubt, it is one of the few that has done it in a clear way as we have seen throughout history. Specifically, they have made it more than clear that content can never be produced where full nudity is shown or topics related to China are touched on.

Specifically, this is not the first time that Tim Cook has applied this type of veto. It is known by all that Apple is not too fond of showing sex or the use of drugs explicitly. That is why in 2018 the CEO of Apple canceled the project 'Dr. Vital Signs' by showing many of these scenes that are 'forbidden' to him.