Apple could offer you up to 220 euros for your Apple Watch Series 3 — 2022

With the arrival of Apple Watch Series 4 , there are many users who are considering renewing the product. To encourage purchase, Apple offers up to 155 euros in Series 3 (WiFi) so you can renew it with a more adjusted price.

This program is called Apple GiveBack , a utility developed by Brightstar that shows an economic estimate of the product you want to offer them.

Depending on the state and the model we have to deliver it in exchange for financial compensation, they will pay a higher or lower amount. In some cases directly they won't make us an offer , but they would offer us the possibility of recycling it.

Up to 220 euros for the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE

Apple Watch Series 3 Wi-Fi review Apple

The website tells us that for a Apple Watch Series 3 could give us up 220 euros , the highest rating corresponding to the LTE version. As long as the product meets a series of requirements. The Apple Watch Series 3 LTE is not sold in Spain until next week , with which we only have the option to enter the WiFi version with an estimated value of 155 euros.

If we go to one Apple Store , the real valuation will be done at the moment, while if we use the Web page , the process could take several days. This occurs due to the shipping time of the product and the addition to verify that everything works correctly.

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