Apple blocks some internal Google applications for misuse of the company certificate — 2022

Update: Apple has already reached an agreement with Google and returned the company certificates to them.

In the last hours we have known that Apple has decided to block the use of Google enterprise certificates . The same thing also happened with Facebook, although in this case it seems to be already solved as stated by the company itself. company .

Regarding Google, the problem would have occurred after it was discovered that the company was using the company certificates to distribute its Screenwise data collection application. Below we give you more details about this blunt measure of Apple.

Apple blocks Google's access to its internal apps

Apple revoked a few hours ago the company certificate of Google resulting in none of its internal applications are functional . In this way the pre-release versions of iOS applications such as Google Maps, Gmail or Hangouts have stopped working.

The reason why all this has happened, according to reports The Verge , is that the Mountain View company was using its company certificate for other purposes such as design internal employee apps to distribute an app called Screenwise Meter to customers.

Screenwise Meter was an application designed to collect information about internet use. Specifically, the app obtained information such as the time a person spends using downloaded applications. Apple does not allow third-party applications to obtain this data, so Google does.

yesterday, it was similar since I used an application called Facebook Research in order to illicitly obtain data through the company certificate . For this reason, Apple also withdrew their company certificates, causing their internal iOS applications to stop working until the problem was resolved a few minutes ago.

Both Google and Facebook disabled yesterday those applications that used the company certificate . However, it seems that this action was not enough for Cupertino to completely revoke access to these certificates, although as we have previously mentioned, Facebook already has its certificates again.

Regarding Google, it should be noted that the company yesterday issued a statement to Bloomberg in which they stated that they were working with Apple to fix a temporary outage in some of our iOS corporate apps that we hope will be resolved soon. Also from Apple made a statement to

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