Apple's Black Friday: discounts with restrictions and not for everyone — 2022

Today all shops have opened with numerous offers due to Black Friday, which is celebrated today in many countries around the world, although its origins are American. In many stores we see interesting discounts up to 50% , and digital sales platforms such as Amazon It also carries out its peculiar commercial campaign. Apple has also wanted to join these discounts, as we told you this morning , after closing the Apple Store Online last night. But, have you stopped to value them?

Apple's Black Friday special

Apple offers us a card of up to €150 for purchases at the Apple Store today. It is always good for the eyes to see a three-digit number rather than a discount. Although, is this card for everyone? The answer is no.

If you are a student like me, you will know that you can save a lot of money by verifying your student status when buying an iPad or a Mac. Well, if you are looking to find this discount, you can forget about it, since if you enter the Student Store you will not see this gift card . And we are not going to be silly, the student discount is better than this gift card.

Does it work for all products? Large platforms have lowered all their products by a percentage. But Apple is not one of these companies so generous as they have discounted only what they are interested in . The product that has Apple crazy, the iPhone X does not have this gift, that is, those that are in high demand, you will not see it.

You will not see a small card either (I am not saying €100) buying an accessory. This gift only applies to certain selected products. For me, it's a real joke. They want to sell a big discount when they are only selling smoke, since not everyone can benefit from this and it does not apply to all products, even proportionally.

Also, it is not a discount per se. They do not take a euro from the product you are buying. They are simply giving you a voucher to spend in their own Store. Is this normal? Supermarkets lower prices, but not Apple. Is the company so small that it can't afford it?

For me it's being a laughable Black Friday at Apple. Many people are praising it when it is not, because other brands have better discounts and I am referring, for example, to Xiaomi, which has launched a very good event. When Apple does something that is not 10, it should be said and commented on.

Now, give me your point of view in the comment box to know what you think about it.