Does the divorce between Google and Huawei benefit Apple? — 2022

These last hours are being totally chaotic in the technological world because the consequences of the decisions of the Trump administration have run into their first victim: Huawei . Google has decided not to give more support to the mobiles of this brand so many already speculate with the end of the brand something that will directly affect users who have a Huawei mobile and in Spain there are not a few. Added to this Google veto is that of some manufacturers, such as Intel or Qualcomm which they claim will not work with Huawei.

If we look at the Spanish market, a few months ago we were talking about Huaweiwas ranked number 1 in sales in our country,leaving Apple far behind. With this new move by Google that will leave Huawei at the stake, we wonder… will it benefit Apple in any way?

Apple can absorb Huawei users if it's smart

Although it is obviously a real tragedy that political issues can interfere in technology in this way, many strategies are now being opened by the rest of the companies. With a leading brand about to leave the market, many users are left in limbo and that they must be caught by the rest of the brands that continue to operate in the market with Android and iOS in a stable way.


The withdrawal of an 'enemy' will boost the future sales of brands such as Samsung or Xiaomi, which are also very strong in our country. Although, we must bear in mind that the Trump administration You can make the same decision with Xiaomi as it is also a Chinese brand. although it does not have as much presence in the US as Huawei had, something that would save it. This is where the user may end up looking for stability at the operating system level and end up opting in the future for purchasing an Apple or Samsung mobile that has guaranteed operating system updates.

Here Apple has an important task to attract these Huawei users to purchase an iPhone in the future. They will achieve this if they are intelligent and launch a range of terminals that are somewhat cheaper and more attractive to this public than look for a good terminal at a low price . If it does not end up implementing this strategy in the coming months, we will surely see how Samsung ends up reinforcing its sales by absorbing all these users, since it offers a range of cheaper terminals and with a more than assured stability in the operating system.

In short, if the Cupertino company is intelligent, it may benefit from this bad news for the technological world, but it may decide to continue on his way and working as before . The stability of its operating system in updates may end up attracting Huawei users who have a top of the range, although without a doubt those who opt for cheaper devices doubt that they will reach Apple.

But we must remember that Apple is not exempt from the consequences of Donald Trump's decisions. The iPhones are manufactured in China itself and although obviously we will not see how these devices are left without iOS, it may be that we have distribution or pricing problems . Although at the momenttrade tariffs have not been appliedto these terminals maybe in the future when the commercial war ends up accentuating if we see how prices are increasing.

It is clear that this trade war is going to fully affect users and hopefully it ends up being a simple heat between the governments of both countries. We are very sorry that political decisions interfere in technology in this way that severely jeopardizes the continuity of a brand that is quite cutting edge in its innovations.