Apple already points out the possible launch date of the iPhone 9 — 2022

There are many rumors that Apple is preparing an iPhone that will be launched in early 2020. According to the latest information from the company, they would already be preparing the logistics machinery for have it ready in the next few months.

The successor to the iPhone 8 begins production

According to a report published by Bloomberg , Apple would already be ready to start producing its new iPhone ‘low cost’ It is not yet known what it will be called. It is commonly known as the iPhone SE 2, although the idea that it should be called the iPhone 9 was also raised as it is an evolution of the iPhone 8.

Bloomberg believes that by starting production in February, Apple would already be scheduling dates for a launch in March. The production of this team would be shared between Foxconn, Pegatron and Winstron. What we do not know is if there will be some kind of presentation event since obviously for a single product it is not worth it. If in the end they decide to present new iPads, then if a small presentation event could be organized. Otherwise, launching through a press release would be a good idea and one of the most likely.

iPhone 9 iPhone SE 2 rendering

The Bloomberg report confirms all the details that we have discussed in the past. This iPhone 9 will include Touch ID technology in a Home button in addition to an A13 processor identical to the one we have in the latest iPhone on the market. The panel will not be OLED but will bet on the LCD with a 4.7″ size with significant bevels at the top and bottom. We must bear in mind that by having this processor, Apple guarantees updates of more or less 5 years, which is quite a lot.

Regarding the price, which is a very important aspect, Ming-Chi Kuo points to $399, which in Europe it could be transferred to more or less €500 . Without a doubt, we will be facing an inexpensive device but one that will have many shortcomings in terms of design and also a camera.

Will this iPhone make sense in 2020?

The big question that we all obviously ask ourselves is if this iPhone will make any kind of sense. If all these rumors end up being fulfilled, we will see an iPhone that something is going to arrive outdated . Design is undoubtedly a very important aspect and seeing it certainly takes us back a few years. This will be a problem since we are seeing how in the competition we have cheap mobiles with an incredible design.

Having an iPhone that reaches the outdated market will have to see how it ends up penetrating users. It is true that we will have in our hands a good team in terms of processor but it must also enter through the eye of the users. There will certainly be a small problem here if there are people who do not care about design and prefer to pay less money but have a powerful and durable iPhone.

And you, what do you think of this strategy that Apple is going to take with the iPhone 9?