Apple Adds iMac Pro to Refurbished Computers Section — 2022

Apple's refurbished equipment section benefits us to obtain an interesting discount on our next purchase, recently, the iMac Pro has just been added, although there is no unit yet.

The iMac Pro has only been with us for a short time, it is the professional response that Apple wanted to give to professionals who wanted a cutting-edge computer with truly incredible features. The problem, its high price, although honoring the truth, this type of equipment is actually an investment , of which a short-term profitability is expected by users who acquire one.

Even so, it is not too much to benefit from a discount, which usually ranges between 15 and 30% approximately . The units are limited, since they are equipment that has been returned by customers in the first 14 day trial or simply because they have suffered some kind of problem and Apple repairs, cleans and certifies them to put it back on sale.

iMac Pro with a discount on refurbished equipment

This type of equipment has the same advantages as if we bought it new from origin, that is, we have the same guarantee and the possibility of adding a extended warranty as AppleCare . We have to add that Californians treat this type of product with great care, offering a sensation of buying it completely new. Although with a much more attractive price.

, although no unit exists at the time we are writing this article. That is why we recommend (if you are interested) that you visit this section periodically, since there is no possibility to make reservations. As they say, first come first served. In addition, we also remind you that you can use aiMac carrying casefrom side to side safely.

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