Apple accidentally removes a feature in macOS while fixing the security bug — 2022

The rush is not good, a clear example is what has happened to Apple to solve the security issue in macOS High Sierra. The security update arrived in record time, but it seems that there was no time to test it 100%, where many users are reporting the elimination of a really useful feature of macOS High Sierra. File Sharing is the feature that Apple has accidentally deleted when it comes to solving the security hole. Fortunately, there is a simple solution.

A broken for a ripped

From Apple are conscious of this accidental error, where they promise that they will fix it as soon as possible, but the priority was the safety of users and computers with macOS High Sierra. Apple offers us a temporary solution l to solve this problem, where thanks to a simple command in Terminal we will again have the option to share files. A way manual, but just as effective until the next macOS High Sierra update arrives. Thanks to these commands, we will enable the file sharing option again in macOS High Sierra. This manual mode can be moved toopen apps detected as malware on macOS.

Workaround to re-enable File Sharing

run the Terminal on Mac from CMD + Spacebar and typing Terminal. It can also be done from the magnifying glass itself that is next to the clock.

  • Add the following command text
  • sudo /usr/libexec/configureLocalKDC
  • Press Intro
  • Write the password administrator and press the enter key
  • Exit Terminal

From then on, you will be able to continue sharing your files and documents without any problems . As we have seen, the solution is really simple and quick to execute.

Let's hope Apple polishes updates and future operating systems better to have a full user experience and safe.

We do not know when the next update will arrive. Apple , but at least we already have solved the security problem and the option of share files .

What do you think of this Apple solution? You've tried?