Apple's wearables business continues to grow by leaps and bounds — 2022

In yesterday's presentation of results, we could see that the product category that had the greatest growth was Other Products, where we see the benefits of AirPods, Apple TV, Apple Watch, HomePod, Beats, the iPhone Touch and accessories. The benefits of this category amounted to 4 billion dollars, a growth of 38% with respect to the benefits that were obtained in the same quarter of last year.

The Apple Watch continues to increase its presence in the market

Within this category of Others, the product that has triumphed without a doubt is the Apple Watch as stated by Tim Cook himself yesterday . It is clear that the stability that the Series 3 has makes users buy this smart watch. Among its star functions is that of acting as a pedometer, replacing the function ofcount iphone steps.

Apple's smart watch has seen its income increase year after year, reaching a new record in Q2 . Although the bad thing is that we cannot know exactly how many units of this watch have been sold since, as we say, it is within a very broad category. But we are convinced that if it continues to increase at this rate there will come a time when they break it down as a separate device being just as important as an iPhone or an iPad.

If we go on to talk about other devices that also fall into this category, the CEO of the company stressed that they are working hard to get a stable stock of AirPods in his store but which is also being a great success. Little can be said about the HomePod since it seems that sales are not being very good and it is also only available in 3 countries.

The great success has been the wearables that are increasing a 50% growth year over year. Within this category we find the AirPods, the Beats and the Apple Watch. In the mouth of Cook himself, it was even stated that the turnover of wearables is currently higher than that of a Fortune 300 company.

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