Another fine for Apple and Google, justified or excessive? — 2022

TheiPhone privacyand the rest of Apple devices have been questioned in recent days under a new sanction from Italy. Also last week we learned of a fine for Californians along with Amazon for carrying out anti-competitive sales policies, with Google now accompanying those from Cupertino in this new sanction. Below we tell you all the details.

Apple and Google: 11 million for allegedly violating data regulations

As confirmed by the AGCM, Italian acronym for Market Competition Authority, both Apple and Google will have to pay a penalty of 11 million euros because, according to their investigations, both companies acted unfairly with regard to competition regulations. Data Protection and using these with commercial purposes.

It derives everything from the commercial communications carried out by both companies. And it is that + the Italian authority affirms that neither of the two companies explains exactly to the user the way in which they will treat their data for commercial purposes, without giving them the possibility of rejecting that policy.

As indicated by MacRumors, when a user enters the App Store for the first time, Apple simply states that their data will be used for the purpose of improving the service and personalizing their experience, without saying exactly that they will be treated for commercial purposes. This is what has caught the attention of the Italian body, although did not present any conclusive evidence that the company then actually uses said data for advertising purposes.

It is confirmed that Apple will appeal this decision

Precisely thanks to MacRumors it has been known that from Cupertino they feel totally opposed to the decision made by the Italian AGCM. They literally maintain that the point of view of this organization is wrong, affirming that at no time do they use the data collected for commercial purposes, unless the users have expressly indicated so. They also confirm that they comply with the regulations to expose these policies clearly in their Data and Privacy section.

Taking into account the relevance of this section of privacy for Apple, it was clear that they would try to appeal a sanction like this. We remind you that each year the company provides new tools to its users so that they not only have knowledge about the processing of their data by Apple itself and third parties, but also try to grant them full decision-making power in this regard. .

We will continue to see how the case is resolved, while software versions such as iOS 15.2 are also expected to be released in a few weeks. And it is that in that version new tools will be launched related precisely to this matter, allowing access to the so-called Privacy Report in which the number of times that each application has accessed data such as the location, microphone or camera of the device will be observed.