Animal lover? These games are for you — 2022

Anyone who is an animal lover wants to have a constant experience with different games. Right now in the App Store you can find numerous games based on animals that aim to take care of them, feed them or find them a foster home. In this article we collect the main games of this theme.

Dog games for your iPhone or iPad

Dog Town: Dog Games

If you are a true dog lover, you will surely love this game. You will live in a big city where all your dogs can live. You can play with them, feed them, bathe them, fix them and dress them. Over time you will accumulate dogs that you can train with the aim of improving their level and sending them on exciting available missions. There are many breeds of dog that you will find such as Basset Hound, Springer Spaniel, Labrador Retriever among others. You will enjoy a very good 3D environment with realistic dogs that have behaviors very similar to the original ones. The ultimate goal is to rescue all the dogs and have them in your city at the highest level possible.

Dog Town: Dog Games Dog Town: Dog Games Descargar QR-Code Dog Town: Dog Games Developer: Frismos

Pet World: Animal Shelter

Manage the Sunflower Animal Shelter where you can welcome numerous animals to feed and care for them in the best possible way. You can welcome hamsters, rabbits, cats, dogs and even horses among many other animals. Being a shelter they will not be able to stay with you forever but you will have to look for a new home for them, putting yourself in charge of the process of adopting the animal. You must choose the most suitable owner since in the event that you choose the wrong animal, it will be returned to your shelter to start the process again.

Pet World: Animal Shelter Pet World: Animal Shelter Descargar QR-Code Pet World: Animal Shelter Developer: Tivola Games GmbH

puppy grooming

puppy grooming

Change the image to your animal thanks to this game. You can take your pet to the hairdresser to remove insects, wash it and leave it as clean as possible. Once clean you can show off your pet to your friends. At any time you can change the color of the hair as well as its style.

puppy grooming puppy grooming Descargar QR-Code puppy grooming Developer: R.A. Investments Inc.

my virtual pet

If you can't afford to adopt a puppy, with this game you will have it virtually so you can take care of it on your own mobile. At first you must adopt him and then take care of him. The graphics are very good to give you the feeling of realism and the games will improve your character to be able to buy new house decorations or clothes for your virtual dog.

My Virtual Pet Rico the Pug My Virtual Pet Rico the Pug Descargar QR-Code My Virtual Pet Rico the Pug Developer: Peaksel

safari animal care

Your mission is to help the veterinarian responsible for a safari to be able to take care of the animals. You will have to treat them and cure them of their multiple ailments that will be generated randomly. It has a very childish component that is well thought out for children, like most of the games offered by the developer, Pazu.

safari animal care safari animal care Descargar QR-Code safari animal care Developer: Pazu Games Ltd

TamaDog! AR Virtual Dog

Thanks to Augmented Reality (AR) technology you can have a virtual dog called Tamadog (very similar to Tamagotchi) on your own floor. Your animal will require certain daily care such as feeding it, cleaning it or playing multiple games with it. You can enjoy it both on the mobile screen in 3D, or on the floor of your house or on the street with augmented reality technology.

TamaDog! - AR Dogs Game TamaDog! - AR Dogs Game Descargar QR-Code TamaDog! - AR Dogs Game Developer: LiftApp

Dog Hotel

Dogs also deserve to be in a hotel and receive all possible caresses. That is why your mission is to manage the Dog Hotel, a canine resort where dogs will come to feed and care for them. In addition, it will also allow you to teach them some tricks or habits or simply put them on a diet so that they lose the kilograms that they may have left over.

Dog Hotel - play with dogs Dog Hotel - play with dogs Descargar QR-Code Dog Hotel - play with dogs Developer: Tivola Games GmbH

And you, are you a lover of these dog games?