Animal Crossing will be released on iOS this week — 2022

It's been quite a few weeks since we echoed a news item announcing that the mythical game, Nintendo's Animal Crossing. This company stated that it was never seen in the world of mobile telephony but who has seen it and who sees it. He has wanted to exploit this terrain both on Android and iOS, first with Pokémon Go and now with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp , which we will have at our disposal both in the App Store and in the Play Store.

Nintendo's new bet: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

This Nintendo title will reach more than 40 countries including Spain , for free. This game is not as famous as Pokémon Go, but many of those that we had a Nintendo DS we once played Animal Crossing , that although it may seem like a game for children, you have a good time going around the world completing missions and improving your home.

Nintendo will try its luck for the fourth time on the mobile platform to see if it is successful or not, although with this idea of ​​a free game in the Store and very entertaining, our iPhone may ultimately become a good Nintendo console to pass the dead time while we travel, for example, having all the games of this company in a folder.

In this pocket edition we have a world very similar to the one we found in other generations, although somewhat smaller for obvious reasons. In this world we can build our home and interact with the villagers that we will find. Despite the fact that this game can be played without any kind of extra expense, if you want to advance faster you'll have to checkout, as we see in the vast majority of these types of games.

On Wednesday we will download it and bring our impressions with this new release from Nintendo.