Android 5×1 and Android Help merge to bring you the best Android content — 2022

Today our half brother Android 5×1 has taken a step forward announcing its merger with Android ADSLZone Group Help . The objective of this merger is none other than to bring you the best Android content such as news and tutorials. We are convinced that something groundbreaking will come out of this merger with José Morales at the helm.

Android 5×1 and Android Help merge

Many wondered why the Android 5×1 website had stopped uploading content, and the reason was this: the merger at the level of channels and websites of Android 5×1 and Android Help. It should be noted that the editors of the old website will move to this new project.

It should be noted that José Morales will not stop having a relationship with Apple5x1, on the contrary, you will soon be able to see him on our YouTube channel. Although mainly to Jose Morales (@geekdegafas on Twitter) You'll see it on the new Android Help YouTube channel. Both media will benefit from this merger, since they will be able to share the experience and professionalism joining forces.

The content that you will see on the YouTube channel will be the same as what you are currently seeing, with José Morales of course. , one of the best people you can find to be informed about the Android world.

If you are interested in following the news of the MWC 2018 , the telephony event that is being held in Barcelona, ​​next week you will find both on the web and on the YouTube channel all the most relevant that happens in the largest mobile telephony show in the world where José Morales will be, to bring you the best content, as we are already used to.

In short, if you are interested in the Android world, do not hesitate to subscribe to the Android YouTube channel Help as much as the Web page . You can also start following them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram.