Analysts say that only 18% of users plan to spend $ 1,000 on the new iPhone — 2022

We are weeks away from the presentation of the new iphone , and despite not having an official date, there are those who say that the day chosen by Apple would be September 12 . This makes the rumours, leaks and opinions of different analysts increase trying to calm the anxiety that each new iPhone causes in the market.

Added to this we have important players in the market such as Samsung, which after the Introducing your Galaxy Note 8 , will be one of the competitors that the next iPhone will have to face.

Concept of the new iPhone with new white color

The new iPhone and its possible high price may be a problem for Apple

According to many, the next iPhone will bring important new features. Although Apple has not made an official statement regarding the new iPhone, analysts say that Apple would finally break the $1,000 barrier for your new model.

This has caused some analysts to see these new prices as a problem for Apple. That is how Mark Moskowitz , financial services company analyst Barclays , has made a statement that could bring more than one headache to Apple managers.

Moskowitz signs that only 18% of potential buyers of the new iPhone think of acquiring the new model by unrolling 1000 dollars for it. This represents only 1 out of 5 clients .
Despite the fact that the barrier of 1,000 dollars is only surpassed by one of the several models that Apple would present in the next Keynote, that 18% is well below the expectations that were around the 30 / 35% .

This is the Galaxy Note 8, competitor of the new iPhone

Furthermore, the arrival of Galaxy Note 8 , could capture many potential Apple customers who see Samsung's proposal as a tempting alternative.
Although the previous generation of the Galaxy Note turned out to be a real fiasco for Samsung, having to be withdrawn from the market, from Barclays they assure that the reputation of the South Korean company has not been affected .

Another important detail is the stiff competition we see on mobile devices from 700 dollars , where the models are increasingly powerful and attract more and more users.

While analysts forecast Apple's growth in the short term, they believe the long-term outlook could be a bit worrying, causing some concern among the company's investors.
We will finally see the pricing policy that Apple applies to its new iPhone models and how they will be received in the market. Of course, this will largely depend on how revolutionary the new range of iPhone .

Source: 9to5Mac