Analysts calculate how much Facebook should charge us to not show us ads — 2022

With the Cambridge Analytics scandal that has directly affected Facebook, we users have asked ourselves many questions about it. rca of the business model that Facebook currently follows , since it seems that they are taking advantage of our personal data when it comes to selling it to third parties to raise presidents or show us ads adapted to our tastes.

Would you pay for a Facebook without ads?

All this has given rise to the idea of ​​a Facebook without any type of advertisement that annoys users, but obviously This would have a cost since, like any website, the main source of profits are the ads that your audience sees. The solution would be to offer a premium subscription without ads, although obviously we should checkout if we don't want ads.

This is an idea that has already crossed the mind of the CEO of the company but has not been implemented due to the costs it would have for the user. Zuckerberg has argued that the vast majority of users prefer to endure a couple of ads before going through the checkout, but for giving the possibility they are not bad at all. The words of the CEO himself have been the following:

We don't offer a paid option today for people who don't want to see ads […] In general,I think the ads experience is going to be the best. I think that in general, people do not have to pay for a service. Many people cannot afford to pay for a service across the world, and this aligns with our mission.

In his words, he wants to remember that if they put a monthly access price on Facebook, not everyone who currently uses this social network will be able to use it, since unfortunately there are many areas throughout the world where there is not a high purchasing power. If we divide the amount of revenue from Facebook in North America by the number of active users the monthly price would be 7$.

But from TechCrunch they have released a report stating that the monthly price would be much higher, since the users who would be willing to pay are those who have more money and that is why your ads are worth much more than the rest , since they are a public with a high purchasing power. This must be compensated and then the price could be between 11 and 14$. Put €15 for Spain.

I personally would not share the idea of pay to remove advertising on a social network , because in the end it is not a work tool and the information is going to continue to be tracked, so that we are not going to deceive ourselves. But if you want to offer this plan to those people who don't want any inconvenience while viewing their wall, as long as it doesn't hinder the rest of the users, it can be perfectly present.

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