An iPhone with 'walkie-talkie' like the Apple Watch? Apple considered the possibility — 2022

It is likely that you have an Apple Watch and you do not know a function that they incorporate from watchOS 5 and that is the possibility of being able to use the watch with other users as if it were a walkie-talkie. This is done from the app with the same name found on the watch. Although it is not really a revolutionary feature, it is true that it is interesting and perhaps for this reason Apple even considered incorporating it into the iPhone.

Would it make sense to have 'walkie-talkie' on the iPhone?

the app ofwalkie-talkie en Apple Watchpresent in the system from watchOS 5 it's really simple. You just have to add another contact who also has an Apple Watch, activate the function and press and hold the button indicated to speak and the other person will receive your voice message in a matter of seconds and can even answer you. It is also striking how the detail of incorporating some distortion has been added as if it were a real walkie-talkie.

However, this feature is really unpopular with most users. As they recently explained from The Information, from Cupertino they would have been considering the possibility of incorporate these features into the iPhone with the aim of giving them more importance and encouraging the use of it among the public.

The way in which this walkie-talkie had been thought to be incorporated into the iPhone was through long-distance radio waves, leaving aside mobile data networks. This would have been confirmed by two people close to Apple and this project that, from what we are seeing, seemed to be discarded .

It is very curious about this case because we have been unaware of this project nicknamed OGRS for a long time and yet the first news we have about it is that it has been suspended. Some media such as 9to5Mac point to Apple's purchase of patents from Intel as part of the reason why this project was suspended, given the possibility that the new technology could be carried out more efficiently.

In any case, whether or not this function finally arrives one day, the truth is that it would be very interesting. However, and this is a personal assessment, I think that in the end this function would end up being obsolete due to the possibility that we already have to send and receive voice messages in numerous messaging applications and even calls via the Internet.

What do you think of this project suspended by Apple? Would you use walkie-talkie on your iPhone? You can leave us your impressions in the comment box.