An Apple Watch strap that adjusts depending on the situation? we might get to see it — 2022

What would a technology company be without its patents? Well, surely one more company of the bunch, and it is that companies like Apple usually register dozens of patents in a year. There are all kinds, more and less striking. This time we have come across one that describes a new technology applied to Apple Watch straps that could make us feel more comfortable wearing them. Below we tell you more details.

Apple patents self-adjusting Apple Watch straps

The ergonomics It is one of the least talked about aspects when analyzing an electronic device, but it is certainly important. Nobody would like to carry something that is annoying, uncomfortable to handle and even unpleasant to the touch. In the case of Apple Watch is more than striking and is that it is a device that we have on our wrist much of the day and therefore it is essential that their straps are comfortable.

We currently have a wide catalog of straps compatible with the Apple Watch, whether they are official from the company or from third parties. It is not that these are uncomfortable, but they can certainly cause some annoying friction throughout the day as it happens in any other type of watch. After all, we move our hands a lot, whether walking, lying down or working.

Apple watch strap patent

Apple is aware of every flick and flick we make throughout the day, and in order to make using Apple Watch more comfortable has filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office describing new straps. These are dubbed as constantly adjusted watch bands. The extensive technical description of them talks about how they could automatically adjust to the user's wrist depending on the situation in which they are.

As we said before, the comfort we feel when wearing a watch is not the same if we are practicing sports than if we are sitting in front of the television. That is why this type of straps they would detect what movements we are making with our wrists to try to adjust without the watch stopping working , and it should be noted that currently the device will ask us for the security key if at any time it stops detecting our wrist, even for a few seconds. It remains to be seen whether this affects theapple watch screen repairin case these too could be repaired.

It is too early to set dates for this type of technology. In fact, it cannot be guaranteed one hundred percent that they will arrive one day, and that is because not all patents have always ended up being reflected in final products. Of course, it would be a great novelty if it came to fruition, since it would be a detail for the comfort of users. For now, and if you want to know more about it, we recommend you read the entire patent by clicking here .

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