An alleged leaked image of the iPhone 9 appears — 2022

We have been frantic for a few weeks with information about the new iPhone that Apple could present in a few weeks, this time, with the iPhone 9 . Both iOS 12, analysts and alleged leaks are shaping one of the terminals (perhaps) most anticipated by Apple users.

This new image has been issued by Slashleaks , medium known for showing devices before they are put up for sale and with a fairly high degree of success. Previously, he already published some images that little by little are coinciding with the information that is being revealed. With which, we could be before the first real image of the iPhone 9 . Although we insist that we cannot give veracity to the image as it does not belong to an official source.

We remember that Apple could present up to 3 new devices to suit the needs of their customers as they would offer various sizes, different specifications and prices. This is interesting, since not all users need or want a specific model of smartphone, either because of price, features or size.

Possible first real image of the iPhone 9

iPhone 9 Slashleaks

In this image we can check several details that have been filtered throughout these weeks. The most striking is the single rear lens, unlike the Plus models that incorporate a double camera. This is surprising because the iPhone 9 will not be especially small. Its dimensions point to one 6.1″ terminal .

The main reason could be the cost reduction , the iPhone 9 is expected to have a lower price compared to its siblings. The construction materials would be similar between the three, making a premium model but with screen LCD . A well-known screen for all iPhone users and which is expected to be extinct from 2019.

Face ID and a back with a glass body for wireless induction charging. Apple currently has no official solution in this regard, since the AirPower charging base is still in limbo. Instead, it is just associated with Logitech to present a rather interesting solution.

The iPhone 9 could have a base starting price of about 700 dollars Depending on the country where we reside, this price will vary due to taxes included. In addition to being able to choose from a wider color palette than they could offer with the iPhone XS and XS Plus.

What do you think of the new iPhone 9? Do you think these images correspond to what we could actually see in September?

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