Amazon stands up to Apple Music with this incredible offer — 2022

In recent years we have seen how streaming music services have emerged, with the main references being Spotify and Apple Music. But there are not only these two platforms but there are many more like Amazon Music you just released a fairly important offer that will surely make your competitors cringe . In this article we tell you everything about this offer and how you can take advantage of it.

A few years ago the most common thing for many was to download music from the Internet, but luckily we have changed the chip and now we prefer to pay a monthly fee to listen to our favorite singers comfortably on many platforms. subscriptions right now they start more or less from 5 euros with Apple Music and Spotify student subscriptions but there are always very interesting offers.

Amazon Music unlimited launch an incredible offer

The Cupertino company recently re-launched several months of free use of the platform for old subscribers who left the service and now Amazon has also released an offer that we found tremendously interesting and we wanted to recommend it to you.

Get four months of Amazon Music Unlimited for €0.99.

If you have never tried this service, the truth is that it works tremendously well hosting the most popular songs and the most famous artists. It is true that we can find some lack with respect to Spotify, especially in more unknown artists, but without a doubt we will have a good experience. This extensive library adds to the fact that we are facing a multi-platform service so we can listen to our music on iOS, Android or on our computer like Spotify or Apple Music.

If you want to try this service, now from Amazon They are offering four months for only €0.99, this being an individual subscription that will allow you to have access to the entire music library, without any type of advertising and with the ability to listen offline, ideal for when we go by plane. Also if you have an Amazon smart speaker you can easily play your music here. this subscription you can cancel it whenever you want. This also happens in the service of the Cupertino company, since you cancancel Apple Musicwhenever you want to switch to other services such as Amazon.

This can certainly shake Apple Music since many users of this service may end up switching to Amazon just for paying much less money in this 4 months. We must be attentive to see if the Cupertino company responds with a new offer in the service.

You can get this offer until july 16 , provided that you have not previously subscribed to the service with your user ID. To get this offer you simply have to click here and follow the steps.