Amazon Music is now compatible with CarPlay — 2022

It seems clear that one of the future battlefields of technology companies will be cars , and this is taking shape day by day, from the tests of cars that drive themselves, to the prototypes of flying cars (something further in time to achieve). While these great advances in the automotive industry arrive, Apple continues to gain the lead when it comes to integrating its devices into the cars of its users with CarPlay , which has now received a boost when getting that Amazon Music is compatible . All the news below.

CarPlay already has a new service, Amazon Music is already compatible

Recently Amazon has updated its Amazon Music app for iOS devices to version 6.4.0, adding a small but important new feature: CarPlay support. . With the latest version of the Amazon Music app, Amazon Music subscribers who own a CarPlay-equipped vehicle can access their music directly through the CarPlay interface when an iPhone is connected to the car . Quite a leap in performance that begins to make Apple's application for cars more and more interesting.

Music always accompanies us in the car and the companies know that

A tremendously successful decision for Amazon, and that gives a great boost to those from Cupertino, since as is well known, music is nowadays indispensable as a complement for car trips, no matter how short the journey. Recall that Amazon Music is available to Amazon Prime subscribers, with two million songs, playlists and stations included in one membership. Standalone Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions are also available for on-demand listening to tens of millions of songs , with pricing starting at $7.99 for Prime members ($9.99 without a Prime subscription). A low-cost plan is also available for $3.99 per month.

What do you think about this improvement that CarPlay will incorporate? Your opinion is important to us.

Via MacRumors