Alternatives to Apple Chargers for MacBook — 2022

If your MacBook charger is broken, you will need to buy a new one. Although we can find official chargers, the truth is that some end up being much more interesting. cheaper alternatives . If you just want to have a spare, these will also help you properly charge your MacBook.

Are third-party chargers of quality?

The selected brands have apple certification for its correct operation. Obviously, some will load faster and others slower depending on what you choose, but in the end they all have their quality certified. In fact, there is something important to keep in mind and that is that they have protection systems against overheating and other problems that may arise during charging, so this is another guarantee of peace of mind for you and your MacBook.

power adapters

Baseus USB-C charger


The Baseus brand offers you in this case a power adapter with USB-C output so that you can use it to charge your devices, especially your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, since it has a power of 100 W and up to three different ports so that You can also connect other devices. Without a doubt, it is a fantastic option if you want to simplify power adapters or if you have a shortage of plugs in your room.

Baseus 120W GaN USB C Charger, Fast Charging 3.0 USB Wall Charger with 100W Dual Type C Cable, 3-Port USB Mains Charger for MacBook Pro, USB C Laptops, iPhone, Galaxy Pixel. buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 59.98 TOPK

TOPK USB-C Charger


In this case, TOPK offers a power adapter that has two USC-A ports and one USB-C port, the latter being the one you will use to charge your MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. It offers a power of up to 65 W, therefore, perfectly covers the energy requirements of your Apple laptop and, in addition, offers you two other ports to be able to charge the devices you need.

TOPK USB C Charger, 65W PD Plug Charger with Multiple USB-A Ports, Portable Type C Fast Charging Adapter for Samsung, Xiaomi, Phone 12 12 Pro, Pad Pro and Macbook buy it at PANUN Charger Consult


coobit charger

One of the brands that provides more accessories for Apple products is CHOETECH and, of course, it is also present in this compilation with its 65 W power adapter, which has a USB-A port and another USB-C, the necessary to be able to charge the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. In addition, its design and dimensions make it ideal for all trips or if you have little space in your room, without a doubt, a very interesting option.

MagSafe chargers for MacBook

PANUN Charger

Amazon Logo

If you have a MacBook Pro prior to 2012, surely the options in the charger market are scarcer every day, here is the 60 W charger from the Panun brand with which you can charge your MacBook Pro prior to 2012.

PANUN Charger buy it at polker charger Consult

coobit charger

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MagSafe charger, but not for the iPhone, but for the Mac, in this case, for the 13, 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pro that have this charging technology. It has a power of 60 W capable of fueling the energy needs of your MacBook Pro. It is also compatible with MacBook Air models that have MagSafe technology.

coobit charger buy it at Nimaso EUR 28.99 Amazon Logo

polker charger


The Polker brand offers you, in this case, a MagSafe charger for the MacBook Air 11 and 13 inches after 2012 and before 2018. A fantastic option if you are looking for a cheap and quality charger for your fantastic MacBook Air. It has a power of 45 W, with options also to purchase it even with 85 W.

polker charger buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 44.99 Helpers

Cables with USB-C standard


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In this case, Nimaso has this USB-C to USB-C cable compatible with MacBook Air and Pro that have this charging technology. This cable is capable of withstanding up to 60 W of power and is available in different sizes, so you can adapt your purchase to your needs.

NIMASO Cable USB C a USB C PD 3.0 20V 3A 60W(2M),Cable Tipo C Carga Rapida Compatible con iPad Pro 2021/2018,Macbook Pro,Macbook Air 2020,Samsung S20 S21,Huawei P30,REDMI Note 7,MI 8 Lite,XiaoMi 9 buy it at Latch EUR 10.99 Amazon Logo


UGREEN is another of the brands that always supplies accessories to Apple products, and of course it does not fail to offer you a good USB-C cable that you can use to charge both your MacBook Air and your MacBook Pro, as long as they support this charging technology. It is capable of supporting up to 60W of power and is also available in different sizes.

UGREEN USB C to USB C Cable 60W, 20V 3A Fast Charge 90 Degree USB Type C Cable and Data Sync Compatible with Macbook Pro 2019, iPad Pro 2020, Xiaomi 10, Galaxy S20 A71, Huawei P40(1 Meter) buy it at EUR 10.49

Helpers lab USB-C charger

In this case, we are not only bringing you the USB-C cable, but Helpers is also bringing you the power adapter in this perfect pack to meet the energy demands of your Apple laptop, since it is compatible with both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. It is capable of providing up to 65 W of power.

65W USB C PPS PD Cargador Compatible con MacBook Pro 15 16, iPad Pro 2018 2019 2020, HP Elitebook X360 Elite X2, Dell XPS, ThinkPad x1 Carbon,Yoga C940 S740, iPhone 12 11, Galaxy Note 10+ etc. buy it at EUR 24.99

Zasun USB-C charger

The Zasun brand offers, with a design very similar to the original Apple, a USB-C charger, which, like the previous option, comes with a pack in which you have both the power adapter and the USB-C cable, with a power of up to 87 W.

Compatible with MacBook Pro/Air Charger, Works with USB-C 87W Power Supply for MacBook Pro/Air with MacBook Pro 13 15 Inch 2016 Lates MacBook Air 2018 buy it at EUR 29.84