Word search puzzles on iPhone and iPad, will you find all the words? — 2022

One of the favorite pastimes for many years has undoubtedly been word search puzzles. Present in the daily press or in dedicated books to be able to complete them in any situation. With a very simple objective, searching for words, undoubtedly fulfills a very positive function for mental training. This makes it highly recommended to do several word searches between other different crossword puzzles to have a good mental agility.

What should you look for in this type of game?

Word search games can be really simple since obviously the concept is easy to capture in an app. But you always have to take into account different aspects to be able to decide on one or the other. What you should look for in these games is above all variety . That there is a good bank of words that are practically infinite and that do not repeat the crossword puzzles. In this way you will not get bored quickly since it is not the most comfortable thing that words appear constantly that you have already found or that the word search puzzles are constantly repeated in distribution.

The esthetic of applications is also really important. You must always feel comfortable and this is achieved by being able to adapt the design of the mesh in front of you. This is achieved with those applications that can be adapted to different themes that you choose or even adapt to the screen of the device you are using. In addition, it is also important that it has an adequate aesthetic so that the fact of what words you are marking at all times is understandable. And we couldn't forget about price And it is that although the vast majority of applications are free, some include microtransactions to unlock all levels.

Soups of letters in Spanish

Word search puzzles are adapted puzzles that can be found all over the world. In this case we are going to collect those whose main language is Spanish, which are undoubtedly the most common.

Word Search Word Search

letter's soup

If you are a lover of soup games, this is the application that you must have installed on your iPhone. It has been trusted by numerous users throughout the history of the App Store with very good ratings. It's a game practically infinite thanks to the dynamic networks that it includes, so you will always find new levels with different words in each of the games you play.

The grid will automatically adjust to the screen of your device. This makes it the same as having an iPhone or iPad with variable sizes as the app will intelligently adapt to make it as comfortable as possible. It also integrates a very clean and colorful interface with a list where you can see the best times you've done with the aim of improving your brand.

Alphabet Soup (Word Search) Alphabet Soup (Word Search) Descargar QR-Code Alphabet Soup (Word Search) Developer: Emmanuel Mathis

Daily Word Search

letter's soup

In this game you can find an unlimited number of puzzles that are unique. In addition, it can be adapted to the experience you have in this type of puzzle since it has three different levels of difficulty. To this is added several lists of words that vary depending on the category you choose. This will make you feel more comfortable when doing them since you will always have familiar words.

At all times it will encourage you to have the best possible score. This is because each of the games will monitor the time it takes to complete the challenge. The objective is obviously to do it as quickly as possible in each of the attempts that you practice. In addition, you can always compare yourself with the whole world in a global ranking. And if you think that you are going to have problems to be able to visualize it in a correct way, you can always make changes between the four fonts that there are.

Daily Word Search Daily Word Search Descargar QR-Code Daily Word Search Developer: James Altucher

Alphabet soup

alphabet soup

The objective you have in this game is to find those words that you have in the grid where you will initially see numerous letters. All these words can be found horizontally, vertically, diagonally or even backwards. Once you find them you will be able to drag with your finger starting from the first letter to the last, marking yourself in the list of the words that are requested.

The curious thing about this game is that it also introduces a new genre: number soups. To be able to rest from the sea of ​​letters that you have in front of you, you can change them for simple numbers. In this way, in the lower part, several combinations of numbers are proposed that you must find as if it were a word that applies in the previous case. All this for free and without micropayments within the application itself.

Alphabet soup · Alphabet soup · Descargar QR-Code Alphabet soup · Developer: Matthew Murphy

Infinite word search puzzles

alphabet soup

With this game you will hardly get bored since it will keep you looking for words for hours. The application has more than 28 categories of word searches to choose from with different levels of difficulty and various game modes. You just have to choose the category that most attracts you and start enjoying searching for those words that you need to have. You will find them both above, below, left, diagonal or backwards.

And if you don't want to play totally alone, you can always enjoy the multiplayer mode. You will be able to face your friends or random opponents in real time. The ultimate goal is to be as fast as possible to find the words before your opponent as that is what will end up being measured. Entering this game mode is really easy since it does not require you to log in to compete against a random player.

Infinite Word Searches Infinite Word Searches Descargar QR-Code Infinite Word Searches Developer: Conversion, LLC

Other options in English

Learning a new language can be somewhat tedious because it requires having time available and, above all, having the will to do it. But the truth is that you can also learn through games like these in which you will find new vocabulary and with a dictionary at your side you will be able to learn new words. Here we show you the best ones found in the App Store.

Word Search

word search

Classic word puzzle game where you have to find the hidden words. The word lists have been created solely by a person and are not automatically generated by a computer. This makes it totally sure that the list contains entertaining and above all interesting words. The free version of this game has 16 categories with more than 4000 words.

In the event that you end up going over all these words, you can opt for a full paid version that includes more than 100 different categories and thousands of extra words. The grid automatically adjusts to the device regardless of whether it is an iPhone or an iPad. You can repeat each of the categories as many times as you want to finally have the highest score, which is what will count in the ranking.

Word Search - Puzzles Games Word Search - Puzzles Games Descargar QR-Code Word Search - Puzzles Games Developer: Lin Tao

Word Search Puzzles

world search

Challenge your brain with addictive and directive puzzles packed with themes to suit all your moods. Have a pretty simple design in which the mesh with all the letters is given prominence to be able to find the different words. In the lower part you can find all the words that are going to be found within the soup itself and you must mark them in any type of position.

But in addition to these word search puzzles, other types of puzzles that are similar are also included. In this way you will forget about doing the word searches with pencil and paper and you will start doing it digitally and learning new words. And to have a progression system, the game will force you to complete quests to get new puzzles available and keep enjoying the game with more content.

Word Search Puzzles Word Search Puzzles Descargar QR-Code Word Search Puzzles Developer: Storm8 Studios

Word Search – Crossword Game

word search

The ideal application to learn new vocabulary in English thanks to the thousands of words that are available to explore. The developer promises many hours of play to challenge your brain and in many cases without the need to be connected to the internet. In this way you can enjoy yourself wherever you are, for example while you are traveling and you need some kind of hobby to make the trip more enjoyable. But in addition to English, this is a game that is also available in German and Russian to learn your vocabulary.

In order to boost your progress, you have several clues so that you never get stuck in a specific place. With the aim that you don't get bored and it's always the same, every day you will find daily challenges and trophies in the application that are temporary to achieve with different tracks. This means that we are always in a game that is constantly being updated by adding new features by the developer.

Word Search Unlimited Free

word search

Play unlimited high-quality puzzles, with word searches being the protagonist. He has words in numerous languages ​​such as German, French, Spanish, Italian and of course English. He integrates numerous words from the latter language into various product categories such as animals, food, family or sports. This way you can be more comfortable even with the most familiar vocabulary possible.

It is also quite customizable when it comes to the interface since at any time you can change to a design as if it were pencil and paper. This will make it much more familiar to you, having an experience more similar to that of a real alphabet soup. All this will make you end up loving this game and you won't want to stop playing at any time to have fun while you're learning.

Word Search Unlimited Free Word Search Unlimited Free Descargar QR-Code Word Search Unlimited Free Developer: Yuan Li

Which one do we recommend?

There are many options that can be found for this type of game that is so classic. But without a doubt we are left with two options in particular. The first one is Word Search Word Search which is a very good discovery due to the aesthetics it has. You know perfectly well what words you are marking because a wide color palette is used with which to differentiate them comfortably and all of these will be represented in a list at the bottom. It also adapts to the screen that an iPad or an iPhone has regardless of the number of inches it integrates.

The second that we recommend is without a doubt Word Search – Crossword Game. In addition to being an excuse to learn a new language while you are playing, it will also encourage you to always play. We do not see the challenges that they include in the rest of the games and it is certainly a motivation to enter daily to make a letter soup. All this with different trophies that you can earn as you complete all the challenges and unlock new content.