All Ways to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer — 2022

Listening to music is an action that practically any user performs on a daily basis. It is a fairly daily task, and it is almost always reproduced on the iPhone or on the Mac or PC. That is why you must learn to transfer the songs between all these devices . In this article we tell you the ways that exist to carry out this process.

The easiest and most universal way to do it

When we talk about listening to music on various devices in an unlimited way, there are many ways to do it. The most common today is to use the streaming music services such as Apple Music, Spotify or Tidal . In short, when we talk about transferring music files between devices, the use of these applications is the most comfortable, being a universal way. It's really convenient to create a specific list of songs on your iPhone, and have it instantly available on your Mac.

apple music

The only problem with these music streaming platforms is that they must be to pay . They all work through monthly or yearly subscription that gives access to numerous songs on all the devices you need. That is why if you want comfort at work with music you should checkout. If not, in this article we are going to tell you how you can carry out the transfer of audio files between your devices in a comfortable way with the Mac or with the PC.

Transfer music from iPhone to computer

The iPhone is undoubtedly a device where you can get to store a large amount of music that is downloaded from the Internet. That is why you may be interested in these cases to have it synchronized with the computer itself to be able to manage it quickly and conveniently. Below we explain how you will be able to do it on a PC or a Mac.

On Mac computers

When you want to transfer music from iPhone to Mac, the most interesting thing is use Finder by physically connecting the mobile device . Although, you can also make the wireless connection through Wi-Fi if you have it configured. For this, the first thing you should always keep in mind is to be on the latest version of the operating system available. Once this consideration has been taken into account, you must follow the following steps to transfer music from an iPhone to Mac:

  1. Connect your iPhone to Mac.
  2. Click on the Finder icon that you will have in the Dock.
  3. In the sidebar, select your device.
  4. In the button bar at the top of the screen that will open, click on Music.
  5. You must select the option Sync music with iPhone in the side box.

Finder iPhone

In this case, the possibility of performing a total synchronization of all the songs you have stored will be considered, but also those of a specific genre. In these cases you will always have to check the boxes of playlist, artists, albums or genres that interest you in that case. This is ideal to avoid having to share all your files with computers that are not yours.

Once you have chosen the filters you need to apply, you can click on the button at the bottom Sync up . Depending on the amount of information you are going to synchronize, the time will vary. In addition, the transfer system will also have an influence, since by cable it can be much faster.

On Windows PCs

In the case of Windows, the Finder option cannot be used, since it does not exist in this ecosystem. You should always choose to use the iTunes program that is developed by Apple. This program must always be updated through the Microsoft Store and will allow to be the point of passage between the iPhone and the computer. This is also because when the iPhone is connected with a PC no access to a system of different folders where your files are. This is something that can be seen on Android and that makes it much easier to transfer different types of files. But in the case of an iPhone, there is no access to the bowels of the device through the file manager.

In order to carry out this process, you simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. Connect the iPhone to your PC.
  2. Open iTunes and grant permissions necessary to access the content of your mobile device.
  3. At the moment, you will see how in iTunes it appears in the upper left corner the iPhone icon.
  4. Click on it first music section what you will find
  5. Check the box for Sync music.

synchronize music

In this case you will be able to choose the playlists, artists or albums or genres that you want to select to synchronize. In this case, when you finish, you will always click at the bottom, on 'Accept' or 'Apply' so that all this information that you have contained begins to be transferred.

And transfer music from computer to iPhone?

There may be a case where you need to transfer the music from your computer to the iPhone itself. In this way you can transmit it on the radio while you are driving or transmit it on a speaker wherever you are. Here we explain how you will be able to do it from a Mac with macOS, but also from a computer that integrates Windows.

It should be noted that we are going to dinner if you have the file stored locally. In the event that you have it on an online platform, the way of transmitting it is much easier as it is clearly synchronized. In this case it can be done through synchronization between iCloud, Google Drive or the like. Simply, the file must be uploaded to these platforms and downloaded to the iPhone through the platform. This is one of the most interesting features that can have the fact of synchronizing different types of information.

From computers with macOS

This reverse process can be done as we have previously discussed using Finder. The fact of synchronizing the music makes the same library that is on the iPhone is moved to the Mac and vice versa . Although, in the event that you want to make a much simpler process, you should resort to other ways of transmitting information, such as the already famous AirDrop. This can be used to stream numerous media files. From photos or videos to the music that you might like to have on a Mac.

This is an ideal process especially when you want to transfer songs to an iPhone that is not yours. Here it is not interesting to synchronize all the songs, since it is possible that you only want to share with a friend of yours only a very specific song. Although several methods can be highlighted, such as the transfer through secondary tools such as Telegram, what is really interesting is to use AirDrop . To carry out this transfer process, you simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. Both on iPhone and Mac activate the AirDrop option . In the first of these, you will find the option in the control center and on the Mac in the application that exists dedicated to AirDrop.
  2. Go to the exact location where you have your audio file that you want to send.
  3. Drag the audio file into the AirDrop app, or right click and follow the path Share by > AirDrop.
  4. Select your iPhone among all the devices that will appear on the screen.
  5. At the moment on the iPhone you will receive a transfer approval notification.

airdrop mac a iphone

From that moment you will see how the audio file appears on your iPhone in the section of downloads . With this you can choose choose the location where you want to store it and play it comfortably. That is why we are facing a fast and secure method, as it remains within the company's own ecosystem at all times.

If you use Windows

As we have previously discussed, not everyone has a Mac and an iPhone. That is why the process should also be commented on to carry out the process through a Windows computer. In this case, you must resort to a reliable old: iTunes. It is true that in macOS it cannot be used since it does not exist, but in the Microsoft operating system it is still present. That is why the first thing to do is install this specific software owned by Apple that you will find in the Microsoft Store. Once you have it installed, you simply have to follow these steps to transfer the songs:

  1. Connect the iPhone to your PC.
  2. Open iTunes and grant the necessary permissions to access the content on your mobile device.
  3. At the moment, you will see how in iTunes it appears in the upper left corner the iPhone icon.
  4. Next, choose in the left bar the Music section within the group On my device.
  5. In this case, a list will appear with all the songs you have on your iPhone with the necessary information.
  6. Now you simply have to click on each of these, click on the secondary button and choose the export option.
  7. To make sure it was done correctly, it is recommended to click on the 'Sync' button at the bottom.

synchronize music

Without a doubt, it is a really simple process, although it requires that you always have iTunes installed. At first, as we have mentioned before, the connection must be made through a physical connection. But if you want to not have to physically connect the device, you can make a wireless connection to perform the transfer through the own Wi-Fi network.