All the ways you have to connect the iPhone to the car — 2022

Connecting the iPhone to the car undoubtedly makes the journey on your way to your destination much more entertaining. Listening to personalized music, using call functions and even having the Apple Maps browser on the screen can end up making anyone fall in love. In this article we tell you how you can connect your iPhone to the car through all possible methods.

Use CarPlay

One of the most convenient and complete ways to connect the iPhone to a car is through CarPlay. This is the software that can be integrated into vehicles that has been developed by Apple itself. In the case of your car integrating this software, it is recommended to connect it. In this way you can receive calls, notifications, listen to music from Apple Music in the vehicle among many other actions. Little by little, different applications have been made compatible, such as Google Maps or Spotify. You will have all the information on the screen that is integrated into these vehicles with a very intuitive interface. In addition, you also have the possibility of using Siri to perform hands-free actions such as calling a specific person and even replying to messages through WhatsApp.

To be able to configure CarPlay you simply have to follow the following steps:

  • Start the car.
  • Check that Siri is active and configured on your iPhone.
  • In the event that your car is compatible with CarPlay wirelessly, you simply have to go to Settings> General> CarPlay on the iPhone. Select your car.
  • If it does not support this wireless technology, you will need to connect through a cable. In these cases, you may see a CarPlay icon on the dedicated USB port in the car.


In the case of your car does not have CarPlay, it is possible that it does have an operating system of the brand. The connection is established via Bluetooth as if it were another accessory. In this way you can share calls to answer them hands-free or play the music you want. The only thing that is achieved in these cases is to duplicate all the data you have on the iPhone if you give the necessary permissions to both your contacts and your notifications. Obviously, the operation is not the most optimal nor is it the most fluid that you will find in these situations, but it will certainly be quite adequate.

The only problem that can be found is that you must use the browser that comes by default in your vehicle. Under no circumstances may third-party applications be used to display on the vehicle screen, except those used to play music since the audio signal is sent.

iphone in car

To be able to make this connection, you simply have to check that your mobile has Bluetooth active and carry out the search through the car, which must also integrate this technology. In these cases when you are about to link both computers, in addition to giving the permissions, you also have to enter a verification key. In most cases the password you must enter is '0000'.

USB connection

In the event that your car does not have Bluetooth or CarPlay, you can resort to a method that revolutionized the way of connecting a device a few years ago. Connecting the iPhone through the USB port of the car with a compatible cable will make it have the same function as a flash drive. There is a problem that you will not be able to use external services like Spotify or Apple Music to play music in most cases. You must have it stored in the local storage of the device, since the car will detect it as a simple folder. The operation is quite similar to when connecting an external storage device known as a 'pendrive'.

car adapters

The classic radio can also be connected to the iPhone even if the car does not have a USB or Bluetooth connection. Right now there are adapters that can be connected to the vehicle's cigarette lighter and that emit radiofrequency. The operation is quite simple, since this radio frequency that you can set to whatever you want, can be tuned to your car radio as if it were a normal radio station. The difference is that instead of listening to the music that a station puts on, you will listen to the music that you put on from your own iPhone that will be connected via Bluetooth. This means that any call you receive or music can be played in your vehicle as long as the station that you have preset in the adapter is tuned in.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The problem that can arise is that it is quite complicated to find a station where absolutely nothing is broadcast. In addition, as you change provinces with your car, it is possible that the frequency that is not occupied becomes occupied. This adapter is not the most comfortable but it is certainly the best solution to be able to connect your iPhone to the car and play your music or answer calls.