All iPhone prices for sale and what the previous ones were worth — 2022

The price of the iPhone is (and it seems that it will always be so) a controversial factor among many users. There will be those who think that they are expensive, that they have a fair price and even those who believe that they are cheap. Now, how much exactly does an iPhone cost in Apple Spain? We will solve this and other doubts in this article so that you can see what this value is and judge these amounts for yourself. And also not only those that are sold now, but we will also see prices of older iPhones that are no longer for sale.

When does Apple lower the price of its mobiles?

Apple not only sells the latest iPhones in its stores, but there are also some from previous generations that are still for sale. The date on which the new ones are usually launched is between september and november , being at that moment in which they withdraw some of the above from sale and lower the price of others. At no time during the year do prices drop, which means that there is a lower price devaluation on their devices compared to those of other brands.

This drop is usually 100 euros and if the phone is on sale for more years, it continues to drop in similar amounts. Obviously you can always find offers in other stores or financing methods in Apple itself that make it possible to buy in a more comfortable way, but in no case that low official price unless the mentioned circumstance occurs. At least this is what has happened over the years.

The iPhones that are still on sale at Apple

These are the Apple mobile phones that the company currently sells through its online store (either on the web or app), as well as in physical stores known as the Apple Store. In all of them there is unification of price, so you will not find in any of them a variation with respect to another.

iPhone SE (3rd generation) prices

iphone se 2022

This device was launched in March 2022 with characteristics very similar to the previous model, only adding 5G connectivity and an A15 Bionic chip identical to that of the iPhone 13. It has a 4.7-inch IPS panel and bulky front frames in which the Home button is housed with the classic Touch ID. It is available in black, white and red colors and in three different capacities:

  • 64GB of storage: €529
  • 128GB of storage: €579
  • 256GB of storage: €699

iPhone 11 prices

iPhone 11

This phone launched in 2019 saw its 'Pro' brothers leave the Apple catalog, but it kept lowering the price of its three storage capacities. It can be purchased in black, green, yellow, purple, red or white. At the time it cost a minimum of 809 euros, but in October 2020 it went down to do it again in 2021, in addition to eliminating its 128 GB capacity. Their prices are now these:

  • 64GB of storage: €589
  • 128GB of storage: €639

iPhone 12 mini prices

all iphone 12 mini

Of the latest generation of iPhone released by Apple, this has turned out to be the cheapest. Since it does not have a natural successor presented, it continues to maintain the same price as in its origin when it was launched (November 2020). It has three storage capacities and six available colors such as black, white, red, green, blue and purple. That last color was later launched on the market in the month of May 2021.

  • 64GB of storage: 809 euros
  • 128GB of storage: €859
  • 256GB of storage: €979

iPhone 12 prices

all iphone 12

With practically identical features to the 'mini', this mobile is only differentiated by a larger size and a higher price. Its capacities and colors in which it is available are the same. Regarding the price, we can acquire it with the following quantities, depending on the storage capacity they have.

  • 64GB of storage: 909 euros
  • 128GB of storage: €959
  • 256GB of storage: €1,079

iPhone 13 mini prices

iphone 13 mini

This small smartphone was presented by Apple in September 2021 and launched on the market that same month. It offers interesting improvements in cameras and battery compared to the '12 mini', incorporating new colors and base memory capacity of 128 GB over the 64 GB of the other.

  • 128GB of storage: 809 euros
  • 256GB of storage: €929
  • 512GB of storage: €1,159

iPhone 13 prices

iphone 13 apple

This device, available in red, pink, blue and white colors like the '13 mini', also incorporates improvements over its predecessor. In this case, its price increases with respect to the 'mini' model because it has a 6.1-inch diagonal OLED panel.

  • 128GB of storage: 909 euros
  • 256GB of storage: €1,029
  • 512GB of storage: €1,259

iPhone 13 Pro prices

iphone 13 pro apple

The second best Apple iPhone offers a 6.1-inch panel similar to that of the iPhone 13, only that in this model considerable improvements are added in reference to battery and especially camera. Its third telephoto lens has a digital zoom x3, in addition to allowing videos in ProRes format and photos in ProRAW.

  • 128GB of storage: €1,159
  • 256GB of storage: €1,279
  • 512GB of storage: €1,509
  • 1TB of storage: €1,739

iPhone 13 Pro Max prices

iphone 13 pro max

The best iPhone ever released by Apple is also the most expensive, especially in its 1TB storage capacity. It was launched at the same time as the rest of the '13' series and among its differences with the 'Pro' stands out its 6.7-inch panel or offering a battery of up to 2 hours greater than this, being the device of the brand with the highest autonomy.

  • 128GB of storage: €1,259
  • 256GB of storage: €1,379
  • 512GB of storage: €1,609
  • 1TB of storage: €1,839

Other iPhones that other stores sell

There are other iPhones that, despite not being for sale at Apple, are still being sold in different stores. It is true that their stock is more limited, but they also have cheaper prices than in their game. Of course, the prices can be very different, sometimes finding notable differences between stores. Amazon offers some of them at prices that, as a general rule, are usually among the best on the market.

Below we leave you a list with the price they had at the time when they were launched on the market, so you can check how much their value has been decreasing compared to that moment. Also a link to Amazon where you can see the current prices of these models, although some of them are only sold reconditioned.

    iPhone 7 (2016):
    • 32 GB: €769
    • 128 GB: €879
    • 256 GB: €989

iphone 7

See current price of iPhone 7
    iPhone 7 Plus (2016):
    • 32 GB: 909 euros
    • 128 GB: €1,019
    • 256 GB: €1,129

iphone 7 plus

See current price of iPhone 7 Plus
    iPhone 8 (2017):
    • 64 GB: 809 euros
    • 256 GB: €979

iphone 8

See current price of iPhone 8
    iPhone 8 Plus (2017):
    • 64 GB: €919
    • 256 GB: €1,089

all iphone 8 plus

See current price of iPhone 8 Plus
    iPhone X (2017):
    • 64 GB: €1,159
    • 256 GB: €1,329

iPhone X

See current iPhone X price
    iPhone XS (2018):
    • 64 GB: €1,159
    • 256 GB: €1,329
    • 512 GB: €1,559

See current price of the iPhone XS
    iPhone XS Max (2018):
    • 64 GB: €1,259
    • 256 GB: €1,429
    • 512 GB: €1,659

See current price of iPhone XS Max
    iPhone 11 Pro (2019):
    • 64 GB: €1,159
    • 256 GB: €1,329
    • 512 GB: €1,559

iPhone 11 Pro

See current price of iPhone 11 Pro
    iPhone 11 Pro Max (2019):
    • 64 GB: €1,259
    • 256 GB: €1,429
    • 512 GB: €1,659

iPhone 11 Pro Max

See current price of iPhone 11 Pro Max
    iPhone XR (2018):
    • 64 GB: €859
    • 128 GB: €919
    • 256 GB: €1,029

See current price of iPhone XR
    iPhone 12 Pro (2020):
    • 128 GB: €1,159
    • 256 GB: €1,279
    • 512 GB: €1,509

all iphone 12 pro

See current price of the iPhone 12 Pro
    iPhone 12 Pro Max (2020):
    • 128 GB: €1,259
    • 256 GB: €1,379
    • 512 GB:: €1,609

iphone 12 pro max

See current price of iPhone 12 Pro Max

Discontinued iPhone, how much did they cost?

Many of the iPhones that we are going to see below can still be found in some second-hand stores and may even be completely new in a certain store in some remote part of the world. However, it is not usual to find them, much less new ones. Most in fact have already been declared vintage by Apple for not manufacturing new units and not even updating the software, although the iPhone 6s is updated.

The price list that you will see below does not refer to its current value but to what its most basic and highest memory versions cost in Spain on the day of its official launch:

    iPhone (2007):it was not officially sold in Spain.

iphone 2g original

    iPhone 3G (2008)
    • 8 GB: €199
    • 32 GB: €299

iphone 3g and 3gs

    iPhone 3GS (2009):
    • 8 GB: €329
    • 32 GB: €369

iPhone 3GS

    iPhone 4 (2010):
    • 8 GB: €599
    • 16 GB: €699

iPhone 4

    iPhone 4s (2011):
    • 8 GB: €599
    • 64 GB: €799

iphone 4 4s

    iPhone 5 (2012):
    • 16 GB: €699
    • 64 GB: €869

iPhone 5

    iPhone 5c (2013):
    • 8 GB: €599
    • 32 GB: €699

iPhone 5c

    iPhone 5s (2013):
    • 16 GB: €699
    • 64 GB: €899

iPhone 5s

    iPhone 6 (2014):
    • 16 GB: €699
    • 128 GB: €899

iPhone 6

    iPhone 6 Plus (2014):
    • 16 GB: €799
    • 128 GB: €999

iPhone 6

    iPhone 6s (2015):
    • 16 GB: €749
    • 128 GB: €969

iPhone 6s

    iPhone 6s Plus (2015):
    • 16 GB: €859
    • 128 GB: €1,079

iPhone 6s

    iPhone SE (1st gen 2016):
    • 16 GB: €489
    • 128 GB: €589

iPhone SE 2016

    iPhone SE (2nd Gen 2020):
    • 64GB of storage: €489
    • 128GB of storage: €539
    • 256GB of storage: €659

iPhone SE 2020

Evolution of the price of the iPhone in Spain

average iphone price chart

This graph refers to the average cost of buying an iPhone in Spain since 2008, even including the 'SE' models. If we go into detail with prices like those seen in this article, we see that in certain iPhone categories there has been a stagnation since the price does not go down, but it does not go up either. In specific models we do find some increases such as the move from the iPhone 11 to 12 which went up, although previously when going from the XR to that 11 it had gone down.

The market trend in the early years caused the price to rise considerably, although the margin of the base 1,000 euros was not broken until the iPhone X arrived in 2017. Precisely this is the one that has set the standard in a certain way. at 1,159 euros for the most advanced versions of the iPhone in recent years.

We must also bear in mind that in the early years a single iPhone model was launched that was always considered high-end, while lately versions have been launched that are still considered high-end, although with somewhat reduced features that help the price is lower. To consider is also the case of the iPhone SE, which have been launched as reissues of other phones, with similar designs, although with processors adapted to their year that despite everything allows them to be the company's cheapest mobiles.