All the advantages of buying a refurbished iPhone — 2022

You are probably looking for a cheap iphone or at least at a reasonable price. Although it is true that in some physical or online stores there may be an occasional discount on these, the truth is that it is not too far from the official Apple price. Therefore, if you want to save a substantial amount, we have to resort to other types of terminals and this is where the refurbished iPhone, or refurbished iPhone with its name in English, comes in.

What is a refurbished iPhone

When we buy a new iPhone, whether it's from Apple or elsewhere, we know that the phone comes straight from the factory, right out of the box. This, except for any manufacturing defect covered by warranty, will work perfectly because all its components are new. However, in a so-called refurbished iPhone, it does not come directly from the factory, so there are more doubts.

Where do these iPhones come from?

As we have already been warning you, they are devices that They are not 100% new. but they have already had an owner who has taken it to repair for some defect. Also usually included are those that already during the manufacturing process have shown to have some type of flaw that makes it incompatible with sale. What is done with these devices is to fine-tune them and expose them for sale at a lower price than those that are new.

The most common case is the first that we have mentioned and is that a user goes to the technical service with his device and, in order to save time due to the complexity that the repair requires, they offer him another terminal that in turn is also of replacement and the one that delivers becomes on the list of future reconditioned. They fine-tune it as we have already told and once it passes the appropriate tests, it is given this label of refurbished.

where can they be found

Refurbished iPhones can be found in various stores. From Amazon itself and other establishments specialized in it to reach Apple. Precisely those of the Californian company are the most popular and the ones that usually offer the best guarantees. These are inside a refurbished device portal that the company is updating frequently.

refurbished iPhone website

They are usually bought online, since they are not in physical stores as such. In any case, if you go to a physical Apple Store you could consult a specialist, who probably will not carry out the purchase process for you because they are not their competence, but they can advise you on the procedure and even accompany you during the process if you do it. from the store itself.

parts to be changed

As we said before, they are not really new devices, although some are practically identical to them. And it is that, always following what Apple itself offers, the devices are restored with new and original parts . There are some components that, regardless of whether they had a defect or not, are always changed. This is the case of the battery, which will always be completely new.

In the same way, there are some other elements that are not always changed, such as the chassis. If the body of the terminal was in good condition, they do not make any changes to it. Now, if they detect any breakage or scratches, they change it completely. So visually you will be brand new an iPhone and nobody will notice that it is not really new.

Regarding its performance, you should know that before being put up for sale, an arduous testing process with which the specialists make sure that the device is fully optimized and its operation is correct, just like the devices that come directly from the factory. This is one more element to take into account and for which it can be said that they are practically new phones.

What comes in the box?

The packaging of a refurbished iPhone is completely new, although it is slightly different in design from that of a new one. While in the models that are bought new you will find its original box with the drawing of the device, in these it is usual to find a completely white box in which perhaps the word iPhone is included in one of its edges, but not the drawing itself from the team.

iphone case

Inside this you will find all original accessories that in this case they are completely new. Charging cable, power adapter, headphones, user guides and manuals... Even the classic stickers with the apple logo. Of course, you should keep in mind that if the iPhone you bought did not originally come with the adapter and headphones, the refurbished one will not include it either. Apple removed these items from its smartphone boxes at the end of 2020.

Prices they usually have

If you have already entered the Apple refurbished website, you will have noticed that the prices are lower than the new ones. This is logical when dealing with products that are not one hundred percent new, although in essence they are. The price to pay may vary depending on the model and storage capacity you choose, but in any case it will always be much cheaper than buying new. Therefore, the savings you will have on this purchase will be interesting for your pocket.

Of course, unlike the new ones, these do not accept financing at Apple. They do have the same security guarantees in terms of the payment process or that postage is already included. However, this point of not being able to finance it is a difference that you must take into account with respect to the advantages offered in this section for devices that the brand sells as one hundred percent new.

Other frequently asked questions

Although what has already been said is more than enough to know what a refurbished iPhone is, there are other key aspects that are probably going through your head. Aspects such as the guarantee they offer, doubts about their software or the variability of the stock of this equipment.

What guarantee do you offer?

One of the great doubts that arise as a result of these purchases is the issue of the guarantee. Well, Apple gives a 26 month warranty for them, which means 2 months more than the minimum guarantee they must have according to European law. In some company websites it is said that it is a year, but this is actually a translation error of the North American website. Any Apple worker will be able to confirm that there are 26 months that he has.

In this guarantee you will have the same coverage as in a new telephone, since it will cover those defects not caused by misuse of the terminal and you will be able to receive physical or telephone assistance at no additional cost. In addition, you can purchase the AppleCare+ Extended Warranty With which you can benefit from significant discounts on repairs caused by accidental damage, although in this case it covers 24 months and you would lose the additional two.

Do they mount the same software?

As we have already been telling you throughout this post, refurbished iPhones have the same parts as new ones. Therefore, this also implies that at the operating system level they are identical. If you buy a refurbished iPhone 11, for example, you will have an iPhone 11 identical to anyone else who bought it new. And this obviously includes receiving iOS updates frequently.

ios 15

Regarding when they will stop receiving these new versions, you should know that here too they are the same as the others and will be outdated at the same time. There is nothing official about how long an iPhone updates, but according to the policies carried out by the brand, it is estimated that an iPhone continues to receive new versions of iOS for 5 to 7 years since it was originally released.

Is there usually enough stock?

The main disadvantage to buy a refurbished iPhone versus a new one is that you may not find the exact phone you want as there are limited stock for them. As you may already suppose, Apple does not manufacture already refurbished devices, something that would be impossible because it would be out of what a device of this type really is. Therefore, they always depend on the number of defective devices that they receive in the technical services.

Normally it is replenished based on it and weekly New units come in. Luckily, and unlike what happens with other devices such as Apple TV, in the field of iPhone there are more possibilities of finding the model you want because it is such a majority product that implies a greater number of defective units in stock that can be set up

Is it worth buying a refurbished iPhone?

iPhone XR black

As a conclusion and as an answer to the most common doubt, we must say yes. In our opinion, we believe that it is a clever idea to get hold of a device of this type at Apple. As we have already been saying, the parts are new, their performance is proven and on top of that they give you a guarantee of more than 2 years with which you can be sure that you will be covered in case of any unforeseen event.

Be that as it may, if you finally decide to get one, you should know that you will have 14 days to try it and, if you are not convinced, return it. In this period you can use it as much as you want and get a full refund for it, as long as you return it in identical conditions and it is not broken or anything similar.