All the ways to personalize an iPhone and its wallpaper — 2022

There is nothing more simple and at the same time aesthetic than a good wallpaper. Also known as wallpaper, they are one of the forms of customization that iPhones support. If you want to know everything about configuring wallpapers in iOS, in this article you will find all the information you need to master it and be able to have your own style that is different from the rest of the iPhone.

One of the few iOS customization options

You have probably heard many times that the customization of the interface is one of the great advantages of Android over iOS. Although it is true that in recent times there have been new possibilities in the Apple operating system, the truth is that there are still fewer options than those found in the green robot software. That is why changing the wallpaper is one of the main customization options for an iPhone.

Differences between lock and home screen

There are different types of wallpaper in iOS, since on the one hand we have the home screen, which is the one where we see the application icons, widgets, and others. It could be classified as the main background because it is the one we see the most while using the device. The one on the lock screen refers precisely to that screen that we see when the phone is locked and we want to see the time or check a notification. This screen is also available if we slide the screen from top to bottom, since the lock screen and notification screen are identical from iOS 11.

It should be noted that you can have the same background on both screens or a different one on each one. All this can be configured depending on what you prefer, as we will show you in the following sections.

iphone home and lock screen

How to change the background from the settings

If you follow the path Settings > Wallpapers and click on Select new background you can find all the options to add wallpapers to your iPhone. They are classified into different categories and once you have chosen the one you want, you will only have to click on Define and choose if you want it as the background for the locked screen, the home screen or both.

You can make them change their appearance

Before reaching the background selection option (Settings > Wallpaper) you can see a box that can be activated or deactivated and that has the title The dark aspect dims the wallpaper. What does this mean? Well, if you have a wallpaper with light colors and activate the dark mode, those colors will be darkened to be more in line with the dark visual mode of iOS.

dark look iphone wallpaper

Fixed and default funds

These are the classic Apple backgrounds that can be different depending on the iPhone you have and the version of iOS that is installed on it. You will be able to see that a large part of these appear as if they were doubles and depending on whether you have activated the light mode or dark mode of the interface, you will be able to see them in one way or another.

iphone fixed backgrounds

So are the dynamic backgrounds of iOS

This category includes different default Apple backgrounds that are usually colored bubbles that float around the screen, in such a way that it is in continuous movement while you look at it, regardless of whether you touch the screen or not.

iphone dynamic backgrounds

What are iPhone animated backgrounds?

Also cataloged as live are those that are apparently fixed, but if you click on them when they are configured as backgrounds they move. In the settings you will find only some that have been selected by Apple itself, but if you choose your own photograph taken in Live mode you can also configure it this way.

iphone live backgrounds

Choose your own photos as background

Within the background selection settings panel you can find access to the albums of your photo gallery. All you have to do is open one of them and select the photo you want to have in the background.

Select the depth of the photo

You may have noticed that when you choose a background photo and adjust its framing and so on, an icon appears in the bottom center. This refers to the option to choose whether or not you want depth in the photo. If you choose that it will not be a static photo without more, but if you choose the depth you will be able to observe that the photo varies depending on the perspective of the iPhone and if you move it while you are looking at the background. This is especially noticeable in photographs with a three-dimensional aspect.

depth wallpaper iphone

Set the wallpaper while viewing your photos

You won't have to go to the settings every time you want to change your iPhone's wallpaper, since there is the possibility of directly setting the background from the iOS Photos app. You will only have to open the photograph in question that you want to use, press the share button at the bottom left and click on Wallpaper. Once this is done you can set the background in the same way as in the settings; choosing the frame, the depth and if you want to place it on one of the screens or on both.

Videos as wallpaper on iPhone?

Unfortunately, this possibility does not exist natively in iOS, since the most that is allowed to be configured are the already mentioned Live Photo. However, there are applications that precisely allow you to convert a video to this format or make it a dynamic style so that in a certain way you have the option of converting a video into the iOS wallpaper. One of the best known is VideoToLive , to which you must give permission to access your videos, choose the one you want to convert into Live Photo, cut the duration and then save it in the gallery. Once this part is done, you will only have to open the animated photo that results from the app and set it as the background by following the steps indicated in the previous section.

VideoToLive VideoToLive Descargar QR-Code VideoToLive Developer: Thomas Yoon

There are applications that facilitate the search

While you can find default backgrounds and even choose the ones you have in your gallery, you never know that it is possible to look further and get third-party wallpapers that can suit your device very well. In the App Store there are many applications that offer youwallpapers for iPhonein different categories, from more abstract aspects to TV series themed backgrounds or related to a hobby or passion you have.

You can find funds directly on Google

Despite the existence of applications in the App Store such as those highlighted above, Google remains one of the largest and most varied image banks. Although you can find photos of all kinds, our recommendation is that you carry out specific searches that make it easier to find one that fits the dimensions of the phone, adding iOS or iPhone in the search.