All about Ted Lasso, the revelation series of Apple TV + — 2022

Ted Lasso is not just any football coach, in fact he is an American football coach coaching an English football team. This character also gives name to the Apple TV + series. It was released in 2020 and despite not being one of the great stars of the platform's catalog, it has managed to win over millions of viewers from all over the world. In this article we tell you all the information about the series: production, characters and actors, chapters, trailer and more.

Production, actors and characters

The Ted Laso series has a large team behind it, both at a technical and managerial level. In the following sections we will tell you everything about that team that is behind the cameras of the series.

Production team

  • Creators: Bill Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt y Joe Kelly.
  • Executive producers:Bill Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis, Jeff Ingold y Bill Wrubel. Music:Marcus Murmford and Tom Howe. Production companies:Ruby’s Tuna Inc., Doozer, Universal Television y Warner Bros Television. Recommended age:+12. Distribution channels and platforms:Apple TV+.

Ted Lasso main characters and actors

Characters Ted Lasso

    Ted Lasso, interpreted by Jason Sudeikis . He is the main character, who after going viral lands in a London sports club that he knows absolutely nothing about, although he will try to soak up all the concepts with the aim of taking the team to the top. His permanent struggle to integrate with the group of players and the club's management mark his day to day. Beard, interpreted by Brendan Hunt. He is the second coach of Richmond, where he arrives accompanying Ted from the United States. He is in charge of researching everything about English football, although his true passion is chess. Nathan, interpreted by Nick Mohammed. He is one of those in charge of the team's material, humiliated by the players and ignored by the board. However, his knowledge of football strategies leads him to be a very close collaborator with Ted, even acting as a shadow coach. Rebecca, interpreted by Hannah Waddingham . She is the president of the modest Richmond club, a position inherited from her ex-husband. She decides to bring in Lasso as a coach to sink the team, but her play goes wrong and little by little she grows fond of this man's particular personality. Higgins, interpreted by Jeremy Swift. He is Rebecca's closest assistant, who is treated like a common servant, which does not make him doubt that he is her lapdog. He tries in any way to please her boss to earn a promotion. Jamie, interpreted by Phil Dunster. He is the absolute star of the team and one of the heavyweights in the locker room. Despite everything, his conceited and cocky personality leads him to have more than one dispute with his teammates, coach and sentimental partner. Keeley, interpreted by Juno Temple . She is Jamie's girlfriend and despite seeming somewhat cocky and posh, she has a much more open personality than her boyfriend and her empathy will lead him to create a great friendship with Rebecca. Roy, interpreted by Brett Goldstein . Despite being the only player on the team to have won a Uefa Champions League, his football is getting less and less and he is belittled by Jamie for being a grandfather. Being the team captain and having a tough guy personality will lead to serious clashes with his teammates.

Synopsis, trailer and aired episodes

The series revolves around the character of Ted (Jason Sudeikis), who worked as a football coach in the United States. Beyond his technical skills, his fame is due to a video that went viral and in which the coach is seen doing a very particular celebration dance. Across the pond, Rebecca is the new president of the Premier League club Richmond and sets her sights on Ted as coach for her football team.

Rebecca is fully aware of Ted's lack of ability as a traditional football coach, but her plan is precisely to make him fail and the team sink, so that he can take revenge on the previous president, who was neither more nor less than his ex husband. However, Ted is gradually conquering the hearts of players, fans and Rebecca herself.


The series has already been cataloged on several occasions as the revelation series of Apple TV +. It premiered in a month of August without too many pretensions and has ended up being the content most awarded on the platform. There are hundreds of awards that it has received and if we look at the most glamorous awards, the Golden Globe awarded to Jason Sudeikis for his role in the series.

In addition, in 2021 they announced up to 20 Emmy Award nominations , with nominations in many categories. From the technical team at the script, sound or image level, to the artistic team with nominations for best cast, supporting actors and actresses, as well as the entire series as possible best comedy of the year.

First season (2020)

The first season of Ted Lasso premiered on August 14, 2020 . That day the first three episodes of the series were broadcast and after this a weekly chapter was broadcast until reaching the tenth and last of this batch. In the first chapters we can witness the arrival of Ted and his companion Beard to the city of London and their process of adaptation to the Richmond sports club. The protagonist stands out for having a tremendously open and comical personality, suggesting that he puts a lot of passion and heart into his work despite not knowing anything about European football. In fact, he did not even know that it is possible to tie in this sport, something that does not like the media that fight for the dismissal of him as coach. The first sports results do not accompany the adventure either, but President Rebecca does not seem worried about it because she is part of the plan.

Warning: In the following lines, a synopsis of each chapter will be made, but without going into spoilers or details that reveal the final plot. However, we recommend that you do not read beyond the next chapter that you have left to see if you do not want to reveal anything about future episodes.

Chapter 1 (1 × 01): Pilot

Ted Lasso

    Release date:August 14, 2020. Duration:30 minutes. Description:Ted arrives at the Richmond Sports Club and has to adjust to his new life, jetlag included, as soon as possible. The rich woman who presides over the club will not make it easy for him, despite the fact that he does everything possible to please everyone.

Chapter 2 (1×02): Pills

Ted Lasso Apple TV

    Release date:August 14, 2020. Duration:29 minutes. Description:Ted finally debuts in an official match, but the result leaves a very bad taste in everyone's mouth and both fans and sports media clamor for his dismissal.

Chapter 3 (1 × 03): Trent Crimm: The Independent

Ted Lasso Apple

    Release date:August 14, 2020. Duration:30 minutes. Description:Rebecca sets a trap for Ted by allowing one of his most critical journalists to follow his routine for an entire day. On the other hand, the coach together with Roy visits a neighborhood school.

Chapter 4 (1×04): For the children

ted lasso series

    Release date:August 21, 2020. Duration:33 minutes. Description:The Richmond's annual charity gala is held in a somewhat strange atmosphere with a divided locker room, a Ted Lasso who has not quite adapted to football and a Rebecca who is misplaced for being the organizer of the event and not having her ex-husband for it.

Chapter 5 (1×05): Tan Marks

Rebecca Ted Lasso

    Release date:August 28, 2020. Duration:31 minutes. Description:Ted receives a pleasant visit and it is that his wife and son come from the United States. These are witnesses to a very risky change by Ted in the line-up in a game that is vital for Richmond.

Chapter 6 (1×06): Two Aces

1x06 Ted Lasso

    Release date:September 4, 2020. Duration:31 minutes. Description:Jamies declares himself in absentia and refuses to train under Ted's orders, who has to resort to the new star signing, Dani Rojas. On the other hand, the team is disturbed by an ancient curse that haunts the team.

Chapter 7 (1 × 07): Make Rebecca Great Again

Ted Lasso 1x07

    Release date:September 11, 2020. Duration:32 minutes. Description:A year has passed since Rebecca's divorce, which is why he is considering making a drastic change in his life, for which he will have the invaluable help of Keeley. On the other hand, Richmond faces Liverpool, a great Premier League player.

Chapter 8 (1 × 08): The Diamond Dogs

Ted Lasso Apple TV + series

    Release date:September 18, 2020. Duration:29 minutes. Description:Ted and Roy share drama and they both face emotional problems, which generates a strange connection between them. Then, each on their own, they talk to the Diamond Dogs and Keeley.

Chapter 9 (1 × 09): Apologies

Ted Lasso on Apple TV+

    Release date:September 25, 2020. Duration:31 minutes. Description:In this penultimate episode of the first season, Roy is left on the bench after making a series of important mistakes during a game. On the other hand, the president Rebecca decides to give a news that turns out to be a bombshell.

Chapter 10 (1 × 10): Hope kills

Ted Lasso 1x10

    Release date:October 2, 2020. Duration:34 minutes. Description:In this final episode of the season, the Richmond sports club faces a game that will be vital at all levels. Ted in particular has his future at stake in this match, so he will give his heart to win this match.

Second season (2021)

After having aired the first three episodes of the first season, Apple confirmed the second season of this series. The results of the first chapters denoted interest from the audience, which helped the company to follow the same strategy as with the rest of its series and confirmed new episodes before the first ones were broadcast. Apple announced at an April event that these new chapters would begin airing on June 23, 2021, also launching the first trailer for this second season.

The season is made up of a total of 12 chapters , 2 more than the previous one. In the premiere of July 23, the first episode was broadcast, to which a new one happens every Friday.

Chapter 11 (2 × 01): Goodbye, Earl

Ted Lasso 2x01

    Release date:July 23, 2021. Duration:34 minutes. Description:The team, already in the second division, is going through a bad streak in which they have tied 7 times in a row. For this, it is decided to resort to a psychologist who will make the team's morale rise, something in which Ted is also deeply involved. All this with Rojas depressed after an unpleasant event experienced in the last game.

Chapter 12 (2×02): Lavender

ted lasso 2x02

    Release date:July 30, 2021. Duration:33 minutes. Description:Roy enters the scene with a new job, something that Keeley surprises and deeply appreciates. For his part, Ted meets up with an old acquaintance who comes out badly on a reality show.

Chapter 13 (2 × 03): The best you can

2x03 Ted Lasso

    Release date:August 6, 2021. Duration:36 minutes. Description:The return of the controversial Jamies to the discipline that Ted directs is not to the liking of the locker room. For her part, Rebecca deals with a very special visitor who accompanies her on her work day.

Chapter 14 (2 × 04): The Christmas Carol

2x04 Ted Lasso

    Release date:August 13, 2021. Duration:30 minutes. Description:As special dates as Christmas arrive, while Roy and Keeley search for their own miracle and the Higgins open their house, Rebecca tasks Ted with a highly secret mission.

Chapter 15 (2×05): Rainbow

ted lasso 2x05

    Release date:August 20, 2021. Duration:38 minutes. Description:Nate continues to amaze everyone with his reactions to the new kit man, and despite his new rank as Lasso's direct assistant, he seems to have a grudge against the new guy. So Keeley and Rebecca devise a plan to help him. For his part, Ted is forced to ask Roy for a favor.

Chapter 16 (2 × 06): The signal

ted lasso 2x06

    Release date:August 27, 2021. Duration:35 minutes. Description:As Richmond wins games, Ted's confidence in the team grows. The dynamic is very good, but a very important semi-final of the FA Cup arrives that they must overcome, something that has both Ted and the rest of the team and fans on edge.

Chapter 17 (2×07): Mental State

Ted Lasso 2x07

    Release date:September 3, 2021. Duration:35 minutes. Description:Although it seemed that the team's streak was not bad, the problems have returned to the club. There are several sticking points to resolve, from Ted himself to Nate, who is not confident.

Chapter 18 (2×08): Man City

Ted Lasso 2x08

    Release date:September 10, 2021. Duration:45 minutes. Description:The semifinal is just around the corner and the problems do not stop. The tension between Ted and the psychologist becomes unsustainable to the point where both reach an agreement: and they do not agree.

Chapter 19 (2×09): Beard after work

ted lasso 2x09

    Release date:September 17, 2021. Duration:43 minutes. Description:Once the aforementioned semifinal match is over, Beard goes into the London night in search of who knows what, since he has been very touched. However, he finds a scenario that, far from helping him, could cause even more trouble in his head.

Chapter 20 (2 × 10): Zero weddings and a funeral

ted lasso 2x10

    Release date:September 24, 2021. Duration:46 minutes. Description:Ted finds himself in a difficult situation when he is forced to face his past, while Rebecca suffers an unexpected loss. The entire club, including the squad, turns to her in those hard times.

Chapter 21 (2 × 11): Night train to Royston

ted lasso 2x11

    Release date:October 1, 2021. Duration:46 minutes. Description:Sam's great moment at Richmond has aroused the interest of a Ghanaian billionaire, putting him on the table with a spectacular contract that he will have to assess. For his part, Ted is preparing something special as a farewell to the doctor, despite all the tug-of-war that they have been maintaining.

Chapter 22: Inverting the Pyramid of Success

ted lasso 2x12

    Release date:October 8, 2021. Duration:46 minutes. Description:A tremendous end to the season in which we can see the great opportunity for Richmond to return to the first division. This return to the Premier League will not be easy to achieve and even less with a Ted who is increasingly confused by the article published by Trent Crimm.

Third season

When Ted Lasso was renewed for a second season, a third was also confirmed to likely premiere later this year. 2022 . It is not known if it will be the last due to the success of the series, although its producers have occasionally dropped their idea of ​​making a finite series and this could finally be the last season of the series.