All About Nike Apple Watch Faces — 2022

Since the launch of the original Apple Watch, the apple company has had an agreement with the sports brand Nike. Thanks to this union arise the Apple Watch Series Nike , watches of the company in all its generations but with certain exclusivities. It is not the only brand with which it has a similar agreement, since something similar happens with Hermès, but in this post we will tell you everything about these devices, with special emphasis on the available Nike spheres.

What is an Apple Watch Series Nike?

This is not a unique and exclusive generation of Apple Watch such as Series 3, Series 4 or Series 5, which have substantial internal and external differences. In all these versions there are personalized Nike models, which are identical in performance to the generation to which they belong. They are also available in versions of various sizes, with different colors and with the same price. Therefore, it does not stop being the same clock in the end.

Apple Watch models with Nike version

Since the Apple Watch Series 2 came out, their respective Nike models have also come out. It differs from the normal Apple Watch on the strap and on the back of the watch we can see the logo of the American brand. The models that have this version are usually the same models that come out in each new version of the smart watch, both in its 40 and 44mm model. However, it's harder to see this version on SE models. However, with the release of the Apple Watch Series 7, they have released the Apple Watch SE Nike. Undoubtedly, good news for all those users who want to acquire this special edition, but who do not want to spend a lot of money on the latest model.

Keep in mind that when a new model of Apple Watch with Nike comes out, you can no longer buy the previous model. In other words, with the release of the Apple Watch Series 7 Nike Edition, we will no longer be able to buy the Nike Series 6 in official stores. There will always be refurbished or second-hand stores, but we will not be able to buy them from sites that are official Apple distributors. This is part of the agreement reached between the two companies several years ago.

Exclusive Nike spheres

Another of the exclusivities that these watches have are the dials. Despite seeming like mere details, they are possibly one of the reasons why many users end up buying this watch. There are analog, digital, made up of compliations, simpler and of many types. The way to configure them is the same as the other spheres, from the iPhone Watch app , also being able to customize them with colors and complications to taste.

In this case if we find that they are exclusive to Apple Watch Series Nike , although within these models there are also exclusivities, especially in the Apple Watch Series4 and later, which have a greater use of the screen than the previous ones and therefore can incorporate more new features.

spheres nike analog digital hybrid apple watch

Hybrid Nike Dial

It has two types of analog dials and one digital. In each of them we can choose the shape (square or circular), as well as the colors. If you also choose the round shape of any of them, you can find complications on the top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right and top in the center.

Analog Nike Dial

It has several colors and a single circular shape. It shows the time in analog format and allows top left, top right and bottom complications.

Digital Nike Dial

In this sphere we can find the time in digital format, combining the colors in a solid way, in two tones or just marking the outline. Like the rest, it is available in various colors. It has top left, top right and bottom complications.

Nike Bounce Sphere

One of the novelties of the latest Apple Watch models. This sphere has the novelty of being interactive. It reacts to the movements we make and the colors can be customized, as well as adding a gradient to the background.

Other features of the Apple Watch Series Nike

Among the exclusivities that the Apple Watch Series Nike has compared to the rest, we find one at first sight: the straps. In all generations we have seen how the versions of the sports brand can be chosen with perforated silicone straps with holes or in nylon material. Another thing to note is that you can buy separately this type of straps and are also used for other devices, despite the fact that these cannot be purchased with these straps as standard.

nike apple watch straps

On the other hand we find Nike+ Run Club , an app that can be installed natively on the Apple Watch. This will help you to carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the sports activity of the runners, being able to receive advice and personalize the training sessions to the maximum.

Can you have Nike watch faces on another Apple Watch?

This is the big question that perhaps you were asking yourself from the beginning and, unfortunately, the answer is not . There are ways to jailbreak, but this is a method that we do not recommend because it puts your device at risk. The only legal way to have something similar is to use a photo of the Nike logo or similar and adapt it as a personalized sphere. For this, the same method must be followed as with any other photo. Although obviously the result is not the same, in addition to losing many complications that may be available in the Apple Watch Series Nike.

However, some applications have been developed that allow to put the exclusive spheres of Nike on an Apple Watch that is not a Nike version. It is true that many times the quality is not the same nor do they have the same colors or functions as the original ones, but with these apps you can try the exclusive spheres, and not only those of Nike. Although you will be able to put the spheres, there will always be certain functions that you will not be able to do without having the Nike version.